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ID: 22388, Line Mover

by Shane Duan Email: my first name dot my last name at

Line mover actions that can duplicate lines, move lines, join lines, inspired by an IntelliJ plugin.
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For JBuilder, Version 11.0  to 11.0 137 downloads
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Size: 5,003 bytes
Updated on Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:01:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 28 Sep 2004 00:19:44 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 26E56661CCFBE0CE685026E6DDDCBEF55BDE954D
MD5 Hash: 6401A210628F1D9963106BE1F7E6DAC1

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Disclaimer: The software is provided as it is with no thorough testing. Please provide all feedback to the forum on Java.Net, including the case if it does not work on certain version. For tricks and tips on JBuilder, see

OpenTool that contains the follow editor actions (JBuilder2005 really makes finding them a lot easier):

1. move-lines-down: move the current line or selected lines down (Suggest Ctrl+Shift+Down)
2. move-lines-up: move the current line or selected lines up (Suggest Ctrl+Shift+Up)
3. duplidate-lines: Duplicate the current line or selected lines (Suggest Ctrl+D)
4. join-lines: Join the current line and the next line (Suggest: Ctrl+Shift+J)

Please note that the suggested keybindings are already taken. So you probably would need to come up with some other keybindings that suite your need.

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