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ID: 22322, StarTeam Navigator

by David Hegland Email:

Reusable java object to handle server, project, view, folder, userid, and password. (3.3.03)
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For StarTeam, Version 5.2  to 7.0 427 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 155,507 bytes
Updated on Mon, 07 Mar 2005 12:26:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 16 Sep 2004 13:41:03 GMT
MD5 Hash: 93EE675F2F9E97BBA515784B3C21D7A6

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StarTeamNavigator - by David Hegland (c) Fieldglass, Inc.

Version 3.3.03 (Fixes and new StarTeamComboBox)
Version 3.1.01 (Fixes and new StNAVLoginEvent)
Version 2.1.02 (Now with javadoc)
Version 2.1.01 (The first public release)

StarTeamNavigator is a handy widget, written in Java, which you can use to create your own StarTeam programs via the StarTeam SDK. You can import the "StarTeamNavigator.*" classes, create a StarTeamNavigator object in your program, and then listen for StNavEvents. An StNavEvent is dispatched when a you select a folder in the Navigator. (New in 3.0.01, StNavLoginEvent for doing stuff before a folder is selected.)

A sample application is included to help you learn how to use the StarTeamNavigator. The sample application shows how you can support both GUI and command-line interfaces using the StarTeamNavigator.

ZIP file extracts to this path c:\UtilitiesForStarTeam\UtilitySource

New in 3.3.03 - the StarTeamComboBox. This is a handy extension of the swing combobox that has extra smarts about starteam objects. The StarTeamComboBox knows how to tell what's enabled/disabled, automatically sorts, and returns the selected object cast as its native StarTeam class.

No warranty expressed or implied.
:) dave

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