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ID: 22159, IsDelphi

by Bruce McGee Email: Anonymous

Find applications built with Delphi and C++ Builder.
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For Delphi, Version 9.0  to 10.0 858 downloads
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Size: 16,054 bytes
Updated on Sun, 06 Nov 2005 03:34:09 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 19 Aug 2004 08:30:50 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3590B19F3BAA272074602F674640A534D2CD5C25
MD5 Hash: 563F885618B18DC8265D72EEA3645B23

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Find applications built with Delphi, Delphi for .Net or C++ Builder. The SKU is also shown for Win32 applications. You might be surprised how much software has been built using Borland tools.

IsDelphi requires version 1.1 of the .Net framework to examine .Net assemblies, but can still examine Win32 executables without it.

IsDelphi doesn't report SKU properly if the file has been compressed or encrypted.

Based on an original idea from Robert Kozak.

Points of interest:

IsDelphi consists of 2 parts. A Win32 exe (IsDelphi.exe) and a .Net assembly (IsDelphiAssembly.dll).

Unmanaged Exports - IsDelphiAssemblyUNT.pas
Unmanaged exports allow methods to be exported from .Net assemblies and used by any Win32 application without using COM interop. This is a native .Net feature that is supported by Delphi, but not by C# or VB.Net.

The managed assembly (IsDelphiAssembly.dll) is loaded dynamically if .Net 1.1 is found, so IsDelphi should work properly even if .Net isn't installed. It just won't be able to examine any .Net assemblies it finds.

IsExe function - IsDelphiToolsUNT.pas
Determines if a file is executable based on its extension. Currently reports files with the following extensions as executable: .exe, .dll, ocx, .scr and .cpl.

I was going to use the fairly recently disclosed PathIsExe Windows API call, but it doesn't support .dll and .cpl files.

IsManaged function - IsDelphiToolsUNT.pas
Determines if a file is a .Net assembly. The method examines the file's header directly, and doesn't need to have the .Net runtime installed to work properly.

The original MSDN article is here:

For .. in - IsDelphiToolsUNT.pas and IsDelphiAssemblyUNT.pas
Used with sets in GetDotNetVersionsText and arrays in the IsDelphiDotNet function.

This is such a cool feature, I had to find an excuse to use it.

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