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ID: 21908, ArtCSB 2.5

by Artyom Fedyuk Email: Anonymous

ArtCSB 2.5: Source Navigator, Designer Navigator, Elide/Unelide actions, Auto-Save option, View bdsproj-file as xml-file. Enjoy it!
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 150 downloads
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Size: 322,280 bytes
Updated on Tue, 29 Jun 2004 08:00:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 29 Jun 2004 08:03:04 GMT
SHA1 Hash: E7707DB843CDD17A5ABC10F9399D71D752D8E4AB
MD5 Hash: 348BBD99C340F1E5481442875A756539

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ArtCSB 2.5 realize next new menu items in IDE:
1. "View/ArtCSB Source Navigator" is intended for fast navigation in C# -file. It includes an opportunity of sorting program objects in different ways. It can display an objects tree in the extraction mode. The extraction mode displays the source line that contains the object definition instead of a simple object name. Source Navigator can also save object structure to a html or text file.
2. "View/Designer Navigator" is intended for tracking the tree of components located on the forms (Windows and ASP.Net applications). The purpose of creating Designer Navigator was to realize an expert similar to Delphi 7 Object TreeView. Like in Delphi 7 Object TreeView, you can select objects on the form, thus selecting corresponding items in Designer Navigator. When you select items in Designer Navigator, corresponding objects on the form will be selected too. Multiple selections are possible (by pressing key Ctrl or Shift).
3. "View/ArtCSB Editor Outlining" is intended for handy elide/unelide functions. Draw an attention on powerful "Elide to definitions"-item.
4. "View/ArtCSB View bdsproj as xml" is intended for viewing main bdsproj-project file as xml-file. It creates xml-copy of main bdsproj-project file in project directory and opens it.
5. "Tools/ArtCSB Auto-Save Options" is intended for periodically project autosaving in Borland IDE.

Contest entry forC#Builder and Delphi Open Tools API plug-in

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