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ID: 21688, CBXSIS - a patch for creating valid Symbian SIS files

by Anthony Hook Email: Anonymous

Prevents the "not compatible with your phone" error message that occurs when installing an application from a SIS file that was created automatically by C++BuilderX.
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For C++BuilderX, Version 1.0  to 1.0 165 downloads
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Size: 5,603 bytes
Updated on Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:56:19 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 05 May 2004 00:22:55 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 023C4EDC0FA9C43F221EFB889DAD8B6BD53126DD
MD5 Hash: A80F6BE8B7D87EB0BCF853B14CAA7DE6

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CBXSIS patches a bug in C++BuilderX Mobile 1.0 and 1.5 where invalid SIS files are created. C++BuilderX saves you time and effort by automatically creating its own package file (and SIS file) whenever you do a build for the target device. However, the target device info is ommited which results in a "not compatible with your phone" error when a user attempts to install your app. CBXSIS addresses this simply by intercepting the makesis call made by C++BuilderX and injects the missing device info on-the-fly. If you're building with the UIQ SDK then by default the application will be compatible with all UIQ devices (P800, P900, P910 etc). If you're building with Series 60 SDK then by default your app will be compatible with all Series 60 devices. You can override this default functionality (see readme.txt).

History ----------------------------------------------------

Version 1.00 05/05/04 - initial release for C++BuilderX 1.0.
Version 1.01 17/11/04 - added support for C++BuilderX 1.5 and added P910 device option.

Prerequisites ----------------------------------------------

1) C++BuilderX Mobile Edition v1.0 or v1.5.

2) UIQ 2.1 (WINS) SDK or Series 60 SDK.

Installation -----------------------------------------------

1) Create a new folder called "CBXSIS" on your C: drive (i.e. C:\CBXSIS).

2) Unzip and copy all files into this folder.

Project Configuration --------------------------------------

1) To apply CBXSIS to a project simply copy the makesis.bat file from the CBXSIS folder into your project folder (i.e. into the same folder as your .MMP file). C++BuilderX will now automatically create valid SIS files for this project when you do a build for ARMI/UREL or ARMIB/UREL.

note: To remove CBXSIS from a project simply remove the makesis.bat file from the project folder. Next time you do a build for target device CBXSIS will not be invoked.

Demonstration ----------------------------------------------

1) Install CBXSIS and apply it to your project as described above.

2) Open your project in C++BuilderX and select the ARMI (or ARMIB) and UREL build options.

3) Select "Make Project" to compile and build your project.

4) A SIS file will be automatically created in your project folder.

5) Connect your phone to your PC.

6) Double click on the SIS file to install the application to your phone.

7) Observe that the "not compatible with your phone" error message no longer appears during installation.

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