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ID: 21529, EasyFormula create dynamic formula on the fly

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Create dynamic calculation formula on the fly, and evaluate it at runtime
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 2.0 158 downloads
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Size: 409,768 bytes
Updated on Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:52:49 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:48:32 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 75FCBDFBAC48EE22806763692FCB2D472C429960
MD5 Hash: 65EA7B55C4BD189F10036D228F2B60A4

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EasyFormula is a development component to create dynamic formula. It allows end user to create their own formula,and evaluate it at runtime, so users are able to decide on how to process and present data instead of hardcoded by programmer. Features: (a)Create formula and evaluate at runtime (b)Interface to get your client application data (c)Seamlessly integrate with any windows application that supports COM (d)30+ built-in functions (e)Support native C++ class and ActiveX (f)Support VB, VC++, ASP,Delphi,C++ Builder developments The application developers can be benefited from EasyFormula from these 2 perspectives.


EasyFormula give your application flexibility to meet variant requirements from different users. Users always have different requirements on how to calculate data, how to present their data in reports, etc. i.e. If you are developing a payroll system, as your client, each company may have their own formula to calculate commission for salesman. By using EasyFormula to let your user create a dynamic formula by themselves, you don't have to make customization to meet the specific requirement from individual client.

Better application architecture

Your application probably has adopted beautiful multi-tier architecture to separate presentation layer, business logic layer, and data layer. But in some complex business environment, there are too many and too complex calculations at business layer itself. Its worth to think separate these calculations from hardcoded source code. EasyFormula can help to make your business calculation more organized and easy to maintain, and you can also change your calculation logic right the way without having to rebuild the system again. EasyFormula also make a lot of easy for your developer to communicate with business analyst, as the business analyst can read the formula in plain text format by themselves, they don't have to go through source code to figure out you calculation logic.

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