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ID: 21323, Switch between Source and Header files in CBX editor

by Leo Siefert Email: Anonymous

OpenTool to switch between source and header files in CBuilderX editor.

Source code included in zip file.
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For C++BuilderX, Version 1.0  to 1.0 212 downloads
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Size: 3,636 bytes
Updated on Wed, 21 Jan 2004 06:37:42 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 16 Jan 2004 07:57:59 GMT
SHA1 Hash: AE959344880FBFB12C4EE67DFC6B929857B860EA
MD5 Hash: 78DF3205BB10A0F6FD2456C186BC274B

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OpenTool to switch from a source file to the header files of the same name in the CBuilderX editor or to switch from the header file to the associated source file. If the associated file is not open in the editor, the tool will attemp to open the file.

To find the file it will first search the same directory as the displayed file then search the default source directory for the project. Supported extensions are .c and .cpp for source files and .h and .hpp for headers.

To activate, copy the jar file into the CBuilderx/lib/ext directory, then a hotkey can be defined in the keymap editor for goto-header-or-source in the Browser section.

Future plans:
Add to context menu of editor
Add "Open file at cursor" function
Add capability to specify additional search directories
Add search of all include directories for header files
Add support for additional file extensions

1/21/04 - Bug fix - file names without "." caused error.

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