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ID: 21305, Add-in Manager 1.1

by Janusz Szpilewski Email: Anonymous

Makes it possible to control addition, deletion or activation of add-ins directly from the IDE.
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 126 downloads
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Size: 53,292 bytes
Updated on Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:56:33 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:23:12 GMT
SHA1 Hash: EDB8F43B763A7CFC64F402C162A5799CB9859B3A
MD5 Hash: 1B23059B4261743FBC76DC0DF87B6659

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Currently new add-in assemblies for Borland C#Builder 1.0 are registered within the IDE either by manual adding Registry entries or by using add-in specific installers. Sometimes it may be necessary as an add-in registration may require add-in specific steps. However in many cases the add-in is just a single assembly extending functionality of the IDE (like Add-in Manager itself) which location is just written into the Registry. Add-in Manager is a plug-in for C#Builder which simplifies the handling of addition, deletion and activation of add-ins directly from the IDE in a simple, intuitive and consistent way.

Add-in Manager offers the following functions:

New Add-in - displays the add-in install dialog and reads the add-in's pathname specified with entering it directly or choosing one with the open file dialog. Add-in may be loaded in any of three ways specified by checking the corresponding radio box:

* Add to Registry and load into IDE - Add-in is both installed in the Registry and loaded into the IDE. Usually at that moment most add-ins should be functioning in the IDE.
* Add to Registry only - Add-in is only installed in the Registry. It will become operational with the next start of the IDE.
* Load into IDE for current session only - Add-in is loaded into IDE but is active only during the current session. It will not be listed as a managed add-in and will not be loaded automatically again when the IDE is restarted. It is the preferred way of loading add-ins of type 'RunOnce'.

Remove Add-in - removes selected add-in assembly entry from the Registry. The add-in assembly file itself is not deleted from the disk by this operation. If the add-in was active it will remain loaded until the IDE is closed.

Changes in version 1.1:

- Compiled, executable file is included.
- To register itself Add-in Manager runs now as an independent executable assembly.
- Some clarification of code and comments.

Contest entry forC#Builder and Delphi Open Tools API plug-in

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