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ID: 21156, SmartFolder 1.3b

by Dmitri Mamrukov Email: Anonymous

JBuilder-8-Directory-View on steroids, adds files and folders to project (including folders in archive files), JBuilder 7-X, C++Builder X, source code.
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Size: 75,353 bytes
Updated on Tue, 20 Jan 2004 04:58:30 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:32:15 GMT
SHA1 Hash: AD32E01CFC4ECF9AC1AA40833BC57830580ECC6F
MD5 Hash: C995411B7B6E1BE242A351CA7CE6A375

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SmartFolder version 1.3b, 11/24/2003

Copyright (c) 1997-2003 yvmsoft, llc. All rights reserved.

Dmitri Mamrukov

What is new

- Tweaked to be compatible with C++Builder X.


SmartFolder is an OpenTool that allows to add to your project any folder
available through VFS (including folders in archive files).


- The content of each folder can be filtered by folder names, file names,
and file types. The filtering and other properties can be defined for each
folder individually, inherited from parent folders, or set project-wide.

- The read-only attribute for folders and files can be set via the
context menu of the project pane or content pane.

- Rename, move, touch, and delete operations on folders or files are supported.

- A new empty file or folder can be created from the context menu.

- An import organization operation compacts import statements in Java source files.
It also removes redundant ones.

- The software also installs a new modified Metal Look & Feel available as
additional item on the Tools|IDE Options|Browser page.


The list of files packed inside the file:

- readme.txt (this file)
- yvm-opentools-1.3b.jar (the JBuilder open tools jar file)
- (the source code)


1. Extract yvm-opentools-.jar from the archive, put it in
\lib\ext directory, and start/restart JBuilder.
2. These new items should appear:

In the project context menu,

- 'New Smart Folder'
- 'Dump All Projects' (available in the verbose mode)
- 'Dump All Nodes' (available in the verbose mode)

On the project properties page,

- A tab 'Smart Folder'

On Package nodes,

- 'Organize Imports in ...'

On Smart Folder nodes,

- 'Cleanup ...'
- 'Rename ...'
- 'Move ...'
- 'Delete ...'
- 'Read Only ...'
- 'New File in ...'
- 'New Folder in ...'
- 'Touch ...'
- 'Organize Imports in ...'

On File nodes,

- 'New File in ...'
- 'New Folder in ...'
- 'Read Only ...'
- 'Touch ...'

On Java File nodes,

- 'New File in ...'
- 'New Folder in ...'
- 'Read Only ...'
- 'Touch ...'
- 'Organize Imports in ...'

On the Tools|IDE Options|Browser page,

- A new Look & Feel item 'Smart'

Supported versions of the JBuilder

The software should be compatible with any flavor of JBuilder 7-X.

Old versions of SmartFolder

SmartFolder 1.1 (should be compatible with any flavor of JBuilder 4-8)


This software is a freeware for non-commercial use and is provided "as is"
with no warranty of any kind. In no event will the author or the party be
liable for any damages that may result from using it.


11/24/2003 version 1.3b

- Tweaked to be compatible with C++Builder X.

11/22/2003 version 1.3a

- Tweaked to be compatible with JBuilder X.

05/26/2003 version 1.3

- Three new items in the context menu:
- 'New Folder in ...' - creates a new empty folder.
- 'Organize Imports in ...' - organizes import statements in Java
source files in packages, folders, subfolders, and files.
- 'Touch ...' - changes the last modified date of folders, subfolders,
and files to the current date.
- Updated Help.
- Help now includes the FAQ section.

04/12/2003 version 1.2

- Reworked filtering properties, a cleanup filter added.
- SmartFolder now is build-aware and can participate in the
Clean phase of a build process.
- A new option 'Cleanup on Rebuild or Clean'.
- A new option 'Cleanup removes empty folders'.
- A new item in the context menu - 'New File in ...' - creates
a new empty file (thanks to Todd Trimmer for the idea and push).
- Due to changes in the filtering properties, it is virtually impossible
to provide automatic update of the old version properties. While it is
not mandatory but suggested, the following is a procedure for removing
the old filtering properties from a project:
- Right-click on a project node and choose 'Properties...'.
- Check the 'Factory Defaults' option.
- Check the 'Apply to subfolders' option.
- Click on the button Ok.
- Updated Help.

01/01/2003 version 1.1

- The read-only attribute for folders and files can be set via the
context menu of the project pane or content pane.
- Added support for regular expressions in name filters (JBuilder 8).
- Folder's rename, move, and delete operations are supported.
- Properties dialog Help.

07/13/2002 version 1.0a

Fixed a bug in SmartFolder.resetChildProperties method - under certain
conditions, the method failed to reset a child's filtering properties.

07/13/2002 version 1.0

The initial release.

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