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ID: 21037, Ephphatha Studio

by Shawn Kim Email: Anonymous

Ephphatha creates an API at User Interface by exposing windows-viewable applications and turn them into programmable objects without touching any source code
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 8.0 254 downloads
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Updated on Wed, 05 Nov 2003 00:32:26 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 05 Nov 2003 00:23:47 GMT
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Is Your Organizations IT Designed with a Unified View of Its Applications and Data?
Just few enterprises have been able to fully integrate the core systems that their businesses rely on. The wide variety of application environments, ranging from the mainframe, to the desktop, to the Web makes the task virtually impossible, and developers have bridged the gaps between applications by writing integration code. However, most integration solutions that either require custom coding or EAI middleware approaches are too costly, complex and time consuming. In addition, lack of access to the specifications or source code makes any integration project literally impossible.

Ephphatha Studio – A Cutting Edge Approach to Solving System and Application Interoperability
By capitalizing on the ubiquity of the Graphical User Interface, the Ephphatha Studio leverages application windows as a basis for a universal approach to software integration. For the first time in the history of computing, an organization can reap the benefits of knowing that only one integration methodology will solve almost all of their interoperability challenges. Ephphatha Studio offers a new, non-invasive way to release the value trapped in applications, databases and business systems. It provides developers with one simple object model to access applications that run on a Windows platform in order to: create programmatic access to proprietary applications WITHOUT requiring source code access; extend applications to new platforms; and reuse functionality and data from existing applications.

A Non-Intrusive Solution
MAT’s Ephphatha Studio non-invasively exposes windows-viewable applications at run time, in real time, turning them into programmable objects. Without requiring access to source code, it lays bare an application's data and functionality, and enables developers and solution providers to deliver time efficient, cost-effective integration solutions through development and deployment systems.

Intuitively Obvious Solution
Even if a packaged application such as SAP offers a set of API, developers have to understand lots of functions that allow them to manipulate the data and functionality of each application and retool for their integration for every specific application.

“If you can see the data, you can grab the data from one application and get them to work in the other applications.”

With Ephphatha Studio, developers no longer have to understand the specific implementation of an application. It gives developers a toolkit that lets them work with any application they’re likely to find in the client environment. It works for any application, whether it’s a Win32 app or an AS/400 viewer or a browser, and provides a universal API to developers.
Ephphatha Studio provides a non-disruptive, non-invasive application agnostic methodology. This system enables rapid development, thereby enabling an organization to reap the benefits of knowing that only one integration methodology is needed to solve almost all of their interoperability problems. Ephphatha Studio is agile, solving a wide range of interoperability problems across disparate applications. It provides a lower-cost alternative to developing, deploying, and modifying custom coded or middleware solutions. Equally important, Ephphatha Studio can work in conjunction with other EAI technologies as the universal adaptor and connector. In short, the Ephphatha Studio is the alternative to ripping and replacing systems, and extends the shelf life of existing applications to be integrated with new systems or to be rapidly enhanced and modified.

Web-Enabling Existing Applications Is A Challenge
You have been dreading this, but the time has come. You can't put it off any more. The budget has been approved and and users are calling every day. Your application must be “Webified,” and soon. Now, what approach is best?

The first order of business in Web-enabling is to understand the existing system. If your system has exposed API or adaptors, you are lucky. If not, you will have to build a new web application from your database, but you will have to expose data and “REBUILD” the business logic.
MAT’s Ephphatha Studio non-invasively exposes windows-viewable applications at run time, in real time, turning them into programmable objects. Without requiring access to source code, it lays bare an application's data and functionality and enables developers to deliver a time efficient, cost-effective way to web-enable any applications.
Web applications rule the enterprise and this is the indisputable conclusion to be drawn from this year’s InfoWorld programming survey. Ephphatha Studio software brings the utility of your applications to the Web in a matter of hours or days without investing large amounts of money and time in a major re-architecture and development effort. It transforms rich data-intensive, client/server applications into rich browser-based n-tier, Web-deployed production applications while retaining the full functionality and productive user interface of the original application.

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