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ID: 21008, Templates add-in

by Sergey Mishkovskiy Email: Anonymous

Extend IDE File|New dialog with new project or unit items via XML configuration files and unit templates (version
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 8.0 369 downloads
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Size: 39,522 bytes
Updated on Sun, 11 Apr 2004 16:18:23 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 30 Oct 2003 22:56:40 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C3F8BF1DAF80B0649AE55AFC692CC84A7022F897
MD5 Hash: 5F506FFFBD5C0CD53492B2F4A8529EDE

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Version - Updated Pack 2 is required.

The Templates add-in has been designed to aid with project and unit level add-in creation. Instead of writing a new add-in for every project or unit, you create a configuration file for your project or unit template and setup Templates add-in to use that new template. Templates are used to extend Delphi's File|New dialog, allowing you to create new projects or units based on configured templates.

The Templates add-in also demonstrates the BDS IDE project and unit add-in implementation. It includes the following OTA interfaces implementation:

IOTAProjectWizard, IOTAProjectGroupCreator, IOTAProjectCreator and IOTAModuleCreator. It also accesses the following OTA services: IOTAAboutBoxService, IOTASplashScreenService, IOTAWizardService, IOTAModuleServices, IOTAGalleryCategoryManager and IOTADotNetProject.

This distribution includes Windows Service, OTA Menu Project and several Design Patterns templates:

* Windows Service Application Template (File|New|Other|Other Projects|...) - creates a skeleton of the .NET Windows Service application.

* OTA Menu Project Template (File|New|Other|Other Projects|...) - creates a skeleton of the menu-based OTA project. The OTA project is setup to add a single menu item to Delphi's main menu and show a message box when that item is selected.

* Design Patterns Templates and Demos (File|New|Other|Design Patterns|... and File|New|Other|Design Patterns|Demos|...) - creates singleton and observer design patterns classes. It also creates singleton and observer demo applications.

This submission does not include setup executable. Please use submission ID 21009 to download just the setup application.

Contest entry forC#Builder and Delphi Open Tools API plug-in

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