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ID: 20939, morUI Beans 1.0

by Aleksandar Nikolov Email:

morUI Beans 1.0 provides a package of full featured multi-styles Java lightweight user interface components: label, button, toggle button, button group and flowing tooltip
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For JBuilder, Version 7.0  to 9.0 76 downloads
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Size: 93,500 bytes
Updated on Mon, 27 Oct 2003 16:04:30 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:56:42 GMT
SHA1 Hash: DD455CE6A2151234B61800BC24FC98681BC0EDF5
MD5 Hash: 73E4180A366800A4D1E6C2E33201CA90

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morUI Beans enlarges the opportunities of Java developers to design user interface. These UI components support standard functionalities and extended drawing capabilities.
morUI Beans 1.0 provides:
- A package of full featured multi-styles Java lightweight user interface components: label, button, toggle button, button group and flowing tooltip;
- A package of morUI Beans specific property editors, which provide visual designers, like Borland JBuilder, with morUI Beans support;
- Detailed documentation (Javadoc);
- A package of the most used icons.

morUI Beans comes packed in morInstaller, which deploys the packages and also implements them into JBuilder 7, 8 and 9.


morUI Beans demo should come in a single zip archive, which must contain the following files:
- morUIdemo.jar - the demo application;
- info.txt - this info file;
- mCLogo.gif - the morComponents logo.

To be run morUI Beans demo requires Java 2 runtime environment to be run. It can be downloaded from

The demo can be started by double-clicking the jar file if the installed JRE version is 1.3 or higher or by typing in a command prompt:
java - jar [path]morUIdemo.jar


The package of beans needs JVM 1.1 or later to run but the demo, the property editors, and the installer require at least JVM 1.2 environment. This means that morUI Beans allow the applications, which import them to be started on JVM 1.1 but the visual designers, which may be used to develop these applications need 1.2 environment to start morUI Beans' property editors.


morUI Beans support the following bound properties:
- Display text using defined font and color. Also several visual effects might be applied to the text;
- Paint an icon, which might be processed by morUI image filters;
- Draw various kinds of borders;
- Background bulged or concaved surfaces might be painted;
- Background color modifier might be used to brighten or darken the background;
- Content (icon and text) is aligned by alignment, margin and displacement properties.


- MButton and MToggleButton provide special properties of button dynamics (named responses). They define the behavior of buttons parts under user influence. Several response styles for border type, background color modification, background bulge effect, content style and displacement, and icon filter are realized;
- Defined several button styles, which set the response and several other properties with suitable values;
- Standard event handling by adding action listeners is supported. An action event is fired when a button is pressed and released (either by mouse or by focus action key);
- Standard focus processing is supported.


MToggleButton as an inheritor of MButton supports all MButton's properties and extends them with:

- MToggleButton like standard selectable components has two stable states - selected or deselected;
- Standard event handling by adding item listeners is supported. An item event is fired when a toggle button is selected or deselected.


Manages a set of MToggleButton instances so that no more than one of them to be selected at a time.


Tooltip displays a short explanatory text in a small window.
MToolTip appears flowing on the screen. Its instances can be attached to any Java component. The colors of text, background, and border can be controlled and also standard styles are defined for fast color control.

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