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ID: 20729, sending AT commands

by Derrick Hobson Email: Anonymous

Programming modems with AT commands
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Updated on Mon, 06 Oct 2003 01:08:13 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 06 Oct 2003 01:04:27 GMT
I'm writting an application that sends AT commands (ECHO ATF etc) to modems, i cannot use the TAPI to do this. It's going to be a replacement for the DOS batch files that used to do the task as windows 2000 and windows XP they don't work.

I've tried the following function as a test

bool TfrmTransmit::WriteABuffer(char *lpBuf, DWORD dwToWrite) {

OVERLAPPED osWrite = {0};
DWORD dwWritten;
BOOL fRes;

osWrite.hEvent = CreateEvent(NULL, TRUE, FALSE, NULL);
if (osWrite.hEvent == NULL)
return FALSE;
if (!WriteFile(hCom, lpBuf, dwToWrite, &dwWritten, &osWrite)) {
if (GetLastError() != ERROR_IO_PENDING) {
fRes = false;
else {
if (!GetOverlappedResult(hCom, &osWrite, &dwWritten, true))
fRes = false;
fRes = true;
else {
fRes = true;

return fRes;

but on my test command the modem just does not dial and eventually locks up the port.
The command line used to call this function is (number changed) :-
Sent = WriteABuffer("ATDT0123456789", sizeof("ATDT0123456789"));

Any thoughts...i've even tried using a fprintf command too and most of the solutions online I have to pay for which is not n option as this will be freeware when completed.

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