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ID: 20709, SA Grep: regular expression search (a bug fixed)

by Sergey Kryukov Email: Anonymous

Simple winexe Grep, but REALLY working: background thread search, subdirectories and other options, neat GUI, etc. Important: demonstrates cross-thread event notifications. Commented source code.
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Size: 14,932 bytes
Updated on Thu, 09 Oct 2003 13:04:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 03 Oct 2003 09:05:52 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 71864ABE15F0387557B3B4561FEB38B2F5EEE803
MD5 Hash: 98BCAC049CE5AB44DC8669ECDC2EE872

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SA Grep
Copyrignt © 2003, by Sergey A. Kryukov

SA Grep Windows .Net application provides regular expression search. Practically, it is useful as a replacement for Windows Search tool, which is not unicode-enabled, and then the regular expressions themselves.
(.NET Windows rather than console application is important to search throw utf-16 and utf-8 unicode files.)

The application demonstrated how to send a notification from the background thread to the event-processing thread via Microsoft.Win32.SystemEvents.InvokeOnEventsThread. In this way, there is no CPU time-wasting polling of the background thread (performing the search).

See the source code and comments (GrepThread.cs, csfMain.cs).

To do:

1) Needs more statistics (separate on searched directories, files and lines and for those where matched were found).
2) Incomplete search results are not provided. The user now needs to wait until the end of process.
3) List view of matching files would be useful.

How to build:

You only need the .NET framework installed. Assuming there is a framework's bin directory in your PATH, 1) run build.bat, 2) or run make or nmake in the directory where the makefile is located.

New: A fixed bug is a bug with exceptions thrown while accessing a file searched (access denied, used by other process, IO errors, etc.). Now exception information is included in search result.

--Sergey A. Kryukov

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