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ID: 20489, fortune - print a random, hopefully interesting, adage

by Robert Bienert Email: Anonymous

fortune is the Windows re-build of the famous linux fortune "game", that prints a randomly "fortune" if it is executed.
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 5.0 153 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 1,616,132 bytes
Updated on Wed, 01 Oct 2003 09:12:10 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:30:16 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D0A3F6ACC48287596CE2BC96E4E63B67CEA21276
MD5 Hash: B05DB155F3C92E076AC7C7CDCF217D30

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New version 1.0.2 (2003/10/01), also with german fortunes!

winfortune++ is a windows re-build of the fames fortune game for linux. Re-build means that fortune's functionality was translated into pretty new code (C++) and compiled under Windows with the c-compiler from Borland's Free Command-Line Tools. It is a console application, where the output could be piped into a file, maybe for your email signature (requires that you call fortune without any argument).

Before starting fortune.exe please read (simple text file) in the projects top level directory (not the one in the winfortune++ dir) for an introduction into fortune.

The fortunes itself are taken from the linux version and distributed under the BSD license, so
"This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors."

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