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ID: 20455, Generic data process pipeline library

by Danny Wang Email: Anonymous

This Loki based generic library provides a pipeline structure to process data in a uniform and simplified way
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For C++Builder, Version 6.0  to 6.0 392 downloads
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Size: 63,063 bytes
Updated on Wed, 10 Sep 2003 06:06:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 12 Aug 2003 07:10:04 GMT
MD5 Hash: 2037B0741E0DBEB1AB67F94317A5463D

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This pipeline library uses type list technique (from Loki) to simplify data process. The pipeline library is a heterogenerous sequential container, which you can treat as a vector which can contain different type of classes. Pipeline can be nested. This pipeline library also provids a uniform way to access classes inside. For example, say you have three steps to process the data, you can define a pipeline like this:
typedef Type_List3(classA,classB,classC) steps;
pipeline mypipeline;

This library is a good place to familiarize youself with partial template specialization, type list, and compile time recursive algorithm concepts.
Verbose explaination is provided in the zip file.

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