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ID: 20111, Caret Modifier

by ado simo Email: Anonymous

Open Tool to make caret thicker even "old styled" as underscore
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For JBuilder, Version 5.0  to 11.0 179 downloads
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Size: 4,385 bytes
Updated on Tue, 24 May 2005 20:25:29 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 27 May 2003 06:22:58 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 26F4EAF45394F37A98FBD2865822C39CE087CDA5

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ModifyCaret OpenTool

This package contains an OpenTool for the JBuilder IDE. It slightly modifies shape of caret. It makes it thicker and even traditionaly horizontal. Why? I prefer "Classic" Editor color scheme and there was defined thin, one pixel wide red cursor on the dark blue backgroud. It is hard to see it. ....and when scheme is classic, caret shape should be classic as well.

Installation of this tool is typical of JBuilder OpenTools. Simply place a copy of the file ModifyCaret.jar into the /lib/ext sub-directory of your JBuilder directory. You will have restart JBuilder in order to activate it.

After actication in "Editor options" dialog in first tab you can find two new items under "Display options".
1. "Change shape" - activates this tool and your caret becomes thicker
2. "Horizontal" - has meaning when the first is checked only. Caret is "old styled" as in times of DOS IDEs

Note about support for JBUilder 2005.
It looks, guys in Borland found that vertical cursor wide one pixel is not the best choice. Now it is wide 2 pixels by default, so the first option of this plug-in is not meaningful anymore.
They changed the way how configuration screen looks as well. There was 2 checkboxes in previous versions to control this plugin. Now it is not so easy to put one reamining somewhere. And create one page in that config. screen just for one checkbox is not worth of it. Therefore I decided, it will not be possible to switch on/off this plugin from inside of JBUilder 2005. Now, by default, cursor is vertical and if you do not like, you have to remove .jar file.

Copyright © 2003-2005, Ado Simo


1.0 - 27 May 2003
First release

1.1 - 3 March 2005
+ Better sizing when caret horizontal
+ Support for JBuilder 2005 - see note above.
* Change of cursor is by default ON

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