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ID: 20086, Html display and edit control

by Tim Anderson Email: Anonymous

This sample hosts mshtml as an active document. You can use it for both display and edit of HTML. Requires Microsoft.mshtml primary interop assembly.
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 250 downloads
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Size: 291,864 bytes
Updated on Sat, 05 Jul 2003 03:01:26 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 22 May 2003 00:23:22 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3BB5E3B52B890F252A0852342B248F75139C74BC
MD5 Hash: A7B5305B7A8EB367887FE77C0D651822

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There are several aspects to this control. First, it is useful as a kind of HTML-based rich text control. You can load and retrieve the HTML source using simple string-based properties and methods. You have full read-write access to the HTML DOM, and you can also hook up event handlers so you can easily detect when the user clicks or types in the document, and which element is current. Mshtml itself is powerful, so you can use CSS, scripting, embedded controls etc. You can also turn off active content. By setting properties you can customize the control to hide IE, for example by assigning your own context menu. You can also print, using MSHTML print templates to get control over headers, footers, page numbers etc.

The utils class offers some methods for dealing with HTML documents without a GUI. You can load a document and parse it without having to display it.

The demo app has two parts, the control itself, and a simple winform demo. Some of the code lays the ground for hosting other kinds of document, such as Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. This is work in progess and contributions are welcome.

Tim Anderson

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