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ID: 19441, Delphi Unit Dependency Viewer V1.0

by chen liang Email: Anonymous

It scan delphi files(.pas,.dpr,.dpk) and find out all dependency files. And you could check the relation of any two units
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 7.0 1391 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 767,786 bytes
Updated on Mon, 06 Jan 2003 22:36:10 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 06 Jan 2003 22:30:06 GMT
SHA1 Hash: BD4E6023505111DFD8205065552D6C0AB7519501
MD5 Hash: 90738464BB6733D41DC960D2ED11CCC5

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This tool likes the GExpert's "Project dependencies" , but provide more functions , and run without Delphi.
It scan delphi unit file(*.pas) or project file(*.dpr) or package file(*.dpk) and find out all dependency files. And you could check the relation of two units : which uses which or no relation.And could locate any file that used. An enhanced source code viewer included : a foldaway syntax highlight editor. This help you view the source code more easy . And you could get detail report of any file that had been used.

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