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ID: 19190, JBXTools1.4 - Powerful External Tools Configuration Tool

by murali kuppoor Email: Anonymous

Run Programs (Exe/batch) from Project View, Menu, Toolbar,
Editor & View output. Make jar, Configure VSS,
Read-Only/Write, Obfuscator, Tomcat server etc.,
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 10.0 910 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 51,628 bytes
Updated on Mon, 09 Aug 2004 14:22:44 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 06 Nov 2002 14:23:52 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C2F245FAE2B1513C7E79BBD12064206F69896BDC
MD5 Hash: 57B5340D2011027269F3538F92F07CAF

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JBXTools 1.4 (July 4, 2003)
JBXTools 1.4(c) Murali Kuppoor


JBXTools 1.4
This tool works for Jbuilder 4 - JbuilderX.

This tool is very useful for configuring External tools to Jbuilder. You can execute
an external tool configured with JBXTools by right clicking a file and selecting a menu item in popupmenu
in project view tree or clicking a icon in toolbar or selecting a popup menu item in code editor window or from
the Tools menu.
You can configure your desired icon for each tool, create jar file for your project,configure Visual source safe, Make your Java file
Read-Only/Write from your Project View Tree. etc.,

This software is provided "AS IS," without a warranty of any kind

If you encounter any problems please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance.

This file contains jbxtools.jar, sample images, sample for Microsoft Visual Source Safe support.

Extract jbxtools.jar from downloaded zip file and drop it in the location "JBuilder[4-9]\lib\ext directory".
Restart the Jbuilder. You 'll see the JBXTools in the Tools menu.

1. Title
The Title for the Program which you want to execute. For Example: View In Explorer

2. Tool For Files:
If you check this box. You can see the tool which you have configured as Menu Item in popup menu of
Project View tree. For Example: when you right click You can see "View In Explorer" as Menu
Item in Popumenu and also in Code TextArea with the Icon which you have configured.
3. Tool For Toolbar.
If you check this item an Icon which you have configured will appear in tool bar with tool tip text.

4. Tool for Menu
If you check this item you can see the toolname and Icon as menu item in Tools Menu.

5. Program
You can enter the program which you want to execute like "explore.exe", "build.bat", "notepad.exe".
($JdkHome)\bin\jar.exe, perl.exe etc., Insert button will help to find the path.
6. Arguments
You can enter arguments if the program needs. For example: ($FileDir), cvfm classes.jar *(for Jarfile) etc.,
7. Working Directory
This is an important feature. JBXTools will execute the Program in the working directory specified.
For Example: You can run jar.exe command in ($OutputDir) i.e c:\jbuildertestproject\classes.
8. Image location for Icon.
You can configure an icon for each tool you wish to configure. Only jpeg and gif images are allowed. Look out for some sample
icons in If you don't specify any logo or if you have entered some in-valid path then jbxtools logo will be configured
by default. You can feel free to select a big size image, this tool resizes to appropriate Icon size.
9. Insert Button
Insert Button opens a small dialog box with all paths. You can view that path and insert the path you need.

10. Mnemonic textfield
You can select a mnemonic key. This can be used only incase of tools for Menu.

Configuring Visual Source safe.
Extract the sample from go through it carefully and change the paths according to your project and configure it in
jbxtools Dialog box. For perl to run you need to install Active perl(
Configuring jbxtools for VSS is described in file itself.

This tools comes with default configuration of "View in Explorer", "View in Notepad" and "Create a jar"

This tool can execute any complex batch files. You can execute a batch file which has all in one like compiling with
javac, creating a jar with jar.exe and also obufuscating the jar with retroguard.
You can also configure VSS for JBuilder
You can also see the output in jbuilder message window.

Creating a jar file needs working directory. You can very well configure it with this tool.

Bugs fixed 1.1:
1. Problem in path substitution fixed.

Any bugs send me a mail

Enhancements 1.1:
JBuilder message Window will appear with Tool Name and its
icon instead of just "jbxtools". So you can differentiate
each tool's output which is configured.
Enhancements in version 1.2
1. JBuilder File chooser is added for easy file naviagtion. This feature will be useful to select a Program or a image file.

Enhancements in Version 1.4
2. External Tools Configuration Window is made more user friendly.
3. Made to function perfectly from JBuilder Versions 4 - X(latest Version).
4. More Robust.
5. Added Read Only and Editable to Default Tools List.

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