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ID: 19092, OOP MailScheduler Version 2.4

by Jun Inamori Email: Anonymous

Java API for JSP/Servlet programming. A few lines of code will eb enough to send the e-mails at the scheduled time.
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Size: 150,144 bytes
Updated on Mon, 11 Nov 2002 15:26:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 30 Oct 2002 03:33:57 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 258C2D8F68C0915245F48E46303AD2EFF89E7E08
MD5 Hash: 33EC716CB8A54E632828C5691F0F9A91

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As you know, JavaMail API makes your JSP/Servlets mail ready. But, you may want to send the e-mails at the scheduled time in the future, rather than send the e-mails immediately. By OOP MailScheduler, a few lines of code are enough for your JSP/Servlets to send the e-mails at the scheduled time. The scheduled time can be specified by any Time Zone (Java TimeZone).
The e-mail will be stored into the SQL table by Object Serialization. Then, at the scheduled time, the back-ground Thread will select it and send it to the SMTP server through JavaMail API. If the communication with the SMTP server fails, the back-ground Thread will retry to send the e-mail upto the specified count. In addition, you can cancel to send the queued e-mail.
Even if you'd like to send the e-mails immediately, it is desirable to avoid the over-head between JavaMail API and the SMTP server. Before your JSP/Servlets sends its response back to the web browser, the JSP/Servlets needs to wait the response from the SMTP server. This over-head will be apparent when the multiple requests arrive in your JSP/Servlets concurrently.
OOP MailScheduler ensures the sequential access to the SMTP server, which avoids the over-head and makes your JSP/Servlets on Apache Tomcat truly Thread Safe. Take the full advantage of JavaMail API by the help of OOP MailScheduler.

For details, please read the introduction at:
And, please try and download the example at:

For more information, see

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