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ID: 19005, 2010 IBExpert free Personal Edition

by Holger Klemt Email: Anonymous

IBExpert is the Integrated Development Environment for the work with Borland InterBase(tm) Database Server.
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For InterBase, Version 4.0  to 10.0 2060 downloads
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Size: 14,262,915 bytes
Updated on Wed, 08 Sep 2010 13:04:08 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:11:07 GMT
SHA1 Hash: E052FDFAE22B8D545E60D487DE255D6E17747CD1
MD5 Hash: EB27460699AEC62CF86DFE01C5C5304A

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What is IBExpert?

IBExpert is a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the development and administration of InterBase databases. Whether you enjoy the control of hand-coding DML or DDL statements or working in a visual editing environment, IBExpert makes it easy to get started and provides you with vital tools to speed and enhance your work.

IBExpert includes many coding tools and features: visual editors for all Database Objects, an SQL Editor and Script Executive, a Debugger for Stored Procedures and Triggers, a Query Builder, a powerful Database Designer and much, much more...

IBExpert's visual editing features allow even the total beginner to quickly create a database and add database objects without writing a single line of code. You can view, navigate and work on all your database objects in the IBExpert DB Explorer.

Features list:


Supports InterBase 4-XE
Hyperlinks in all Editors
SQL Editor History
SQL Monitor
Visual Query Builder
Export of results in several formats
Background execution in own thread
Direct CSV file data import using SQL statement
Insert Into with automatic creation of target table
Insert Into also into another database
Automatic display of parameters with history

Code Completion
Customizable Keyboard Templates
Editors for all Database Objects
Stored Procedure and Trigger Debugger including Trace Into, conditional Breakpoints, and much more
Blob Editor with text, RTF, image and Hex display options
Autoinc Assistant for Trigger, Generator and Stored Procedure creation
Alteration of field sequence in tables as wished
Parser for Stored Procedures and Triggers with warnings and tips (e.g. unused variables, etc.)

Special Editors for users, groups and rights
Autogrant for automatic assignment of rights for new objects
Data Definition

Entity Relation Database Designer including layers, subject areas, autoroute, reverse engineering and much more
Assistant for Dependencies Analysis
Database Comparer for comparison of two database structures, including creation of update script

Performance Analysis
Plan Analysis
Global Stored Procedure/Trigger operations index analysis
Metadata cache for speedier opening of database connections via slow connections

Own Editor for SQL script execution
Parser for Scripter with tree display of those objects created by the script
Metadata Extract for the creation of an empty database copy with identical structure
Data extract by creation of SQL scripts
Inclusion of blob data in SQL scripts
Creation of complete scripts including both metadata and data for database restoration

User-defined reports
Ready-made reports for database documentation
All reports can be saved as PDF, Word, and other formats
Reports can be stored as a file or in the database
HTML report database documentation

Backup and Restore with ability to store options
Database Statistics summary
Full-text search in metadata

Data Analysis - an OLAP and data warehouse tool for analysing data
Integrated Communication Diagnostics
SIUD Assistant for creation of Select, Insert, Update and Delete procedures
Assistant for the creation of procedures and views from any SQL statements
Test Data Generator
Database monitoring for InterBase 7.x-XE
Integrated Bug Tracking System
IBExpert Direct for information about the newest versions

User-defined project views for customized structure of database objects
Stored Procedure and Trigger Version Control System VCS
Log Assistant for constructing Data Change protocols
Customizable templates for all automatically created objects
User Interface offers MDI or SDI application options
User-definable toolbars, colors and fonts
Open PlugIn interface with Delphi source code sample
Integration of external programs into the Tools menu
Assistant for global updating of index statistics
Assistant for compilation of all stored procedures and triggers
Assistant for deactivation and reactivation of all stored procedures and triggers

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