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ID: 18845, C# Compiler plugin for Delphi

by Carl Kenner Email: Anonymous

Compile C# from the IDE the same way you compile Pascal. Also supports mixed C# and Pascal.
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 7.0 1229 downloads
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Size: 169,423 bytes
Updated on Sat, 14 Sep 2002 11:35:10 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 14 Sep 2002 11:05:16 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B96BC8BB4B668247EBBA6124DFD1B37964DA7567
MD5 Hash: E63633B95164198F38892F9D2C602AF5

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Carl's C# compiler plugin for Delphi 7

This plugin adds full C# compiling support to Delphi 7 Studio.
It also mostly works in Delphi 6.

Once this package is installed, you can add C# files to your project,
and they will be compiled along with the Pascal code.

If your project contains both C# code and Pascal code then you can call
your C# classes directly from Pascal without any extra effort.

If your project is just C# it will produce a pure managed .NET executable.

Errors, Warnings, and Hints for C# appear in the message window along with the ones for pascal.

You can run mixed C#/Pascal programs from the IDE, but pure C# programs can only be compiled and not run.


Just open the .dpk file, and click Compile and then Install.
Look at the Delphi 6 section below if you are using Delphi 6.

Project Options

Some of the project options now effect C# also:

* Show Warnings
* Conditional Defines
* Icon
* Optimization
* Overflow checking
* Output Directory (only for pure C#)

There are special conditional defines you can include in your project
options to improve the C# compiler's performance.

* CSharpDll - For mixed projects the C# code gets compiled to a DLL
* CSharpExe - For mixed projects the C# code gets compiled to an EXE
* NoRegAsm - Don't automatically register the C# assembly, this means
interop will not be available, but it will compile faster.

If you don't include one of CSharpDll or CSharpExe then it will first
try compiling the C# code into an EXE, and if it fails because there
is no Main function it will compile it again as a DLL. This only applies
to mixed projects.

Missing Features

This plugin does not contain Code Insight support, it doesn't add C# as
an option to the new file dialog, it doesn't support Visual Basic,
and it doesn't support the Delphi for .NET compiler preview.

I will try and add some of these functions later.

Also stay tuned for an article on the Borland Developer Network about
how this works, and how to make your own similar plugins.

Delphi 6 Support

This plugin works on Delphi 6 also.
You need to run the .REG file in the delphi6 directory for Syntax
You need to copy the mscorlib_tlb.* files to your delphi6\imports directory to compile mixed C#/Pascal programs.

Carl Kenner

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