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ID: 18567, Graphics Server 6.0 Client edition

by Registered User Email: Anonymous

Easily add graphs and charts to applications through the graph control or the extensive API.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 1.0 105 downloads
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Size: 11,629,513 bytes
Updated on Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:20:03 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:13:30 GMT
SHA1 Hash: DAD54B2C4800D361DA44E9DB5D95BF039EFB7AD0
MD5 Hash: 45476476ED5DA957D8AA87CDEDDBDB6D

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Graphics Server 6.0 provides a rich, comprehensive, yet easy-to-use graphing and charting solution for Windows and Internet developers. Implement in either a client-server environment or serve up stunning browser-independent graphs via the Internet.

You can implement through either the graph/DTC control, the extensive API, or a combination of both for maximum speed and comprehensiveness.

Graphics Server 6.0 graph types include area, pie, bar, bubble, line, pareto, floating bar, surface, tape, time-series, candlestick, scatter, polar, log/lin, log/log, open-high-low-close, and combination graphs.

Graphics Server’s advanced data features let you chart over 100,000 dynamic data points in a single graph. You can add curve-fitting, error bars, and trend lines to all log and linear graph variants. Other advanced statistical functions include: maximum, minimum, mean, standard deviation, curve fitting on 10 mathematical models, flexible missing data options, fast-Fourier transform, and limit lines.

The interactive toolbar lets users customize and edit graph elements, and save customized graph elements as templates for reuse with different sets of data. Interactive “hot graphs” with “tooltips” and point and click access to secondary charts and statistical breakdowns are also available.

Supports numerous development languages including Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Access, FoxPro, and Visual Studio. Royalty free distribution of client implementations.

Winner of numerous Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice awards and thousands of satisfied developers worldwide. Free evaluations available and Graphics Server comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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