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ID: 18463, ZieglerCollection one v. 2.20

by Claus Ziegler Email: Anonymous

"ZieglerCollection one" a collection of more than 100 new Components. Includes a large collection of non-component tools too.
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 7.0 379 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 4,471,723 bytes
Updated on Sun, 04 Aug 2002 07:02:52 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 28 Jul 2002 05:50:03 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3C25826F594979762DE83D240763F960678C47A6
MD5 Hash: 2A130F6AAFE658155DA397F04D62B008

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"ZieglerCollection one" includes more than 100 components and a large collection of functions and routines, made to make your life, as a programmer, a lot easier.

The full version includes full sourcecode.

Some of the components are listed below:

TzMinMax: component for easy formsize control.
TzBigLabel: Label-component for large text.
Tz3Dlabel: 3D-TzBigLabel descendant.
TzAngleLabel: TLabel, that with caption in any angle.
TzTabListBox: An extended tListBox.
TzBitmap: Bitmap, with a lot of extras.
TzAnimated: TzBitmap descendant, can play cartoons.
TzBackground: Tile a bitmap, or draw a color-blend.
TzBlendPaint: Backdrop that will make a gradient fill.
TzTileMap: Backdrop that can have any bitmap tiled.
TzLed: Led component.
TzSegment: 16-part led-segment. Show most characters.
TzSegmentLabel: Label component, that uses TzSegments.
TzSegmentClock: Label clock-component. Uses TzSegments.
TzGauge: Show progress in any operation.
TzSlideBar: Used to scroll through a range of numbers.
TzFrame: Frames around other components.
TzDivider: Divider-line, that can be horz- or vertical.
TzMovePanel: TPanel component, that can be moved.
TzTitleBar: Useful to set and remove titlebar.
TzHint: Manipulate the hint-window. Multiline hints.
TzShowApp: A lot easier to control your tApplication.
TzVerSpilt: A vertical splitter-window.
TzHorSplit: A horizontal splitter-window.
TzMouseSpot: Add mouseevnts to picture, map & drawings.
TzCalc: Do calculations from strings.
TzShapeBtn: Non-windowed button-component, in any shape.
TzColorBtn: Tbutton, Change colors, multiline captions.
TzGradBtn: TzColorBtn with a gradient fill.
TzBitColBtn: TzColorBtn with glyph-bitmap on the button.
TzIconColBtn: TzColorBtn with icons for the glyphs.
TzScope: Display a lot of data Oscilloscope-like.
TzPanelMeter: Display values in Panel meters.
TzKnob: Looks and works like a dial (knob) on a stereo.
TzDblKnob: TzKnob component. Select two values.
TzTripKnob: TzKnob component. Select three values.
TzTrayIcon: Easy handling of the tray (Win 95/98/NT).
TzNWColorBtn: Non-windowed button. Like a TzColorBtn.
TzNWBitColBtn: Non-windowed button. Like a TzBitColBtn.
TzNWIconColBtn: Non-win. button. Like a TzIconColBtn.
TzNWBlendPaint: Backdrop that will make a gradient fill
TzNWTileMap: Backdrop Works in most ways like TzTileMap.
TzSplashForm: SplashForm when your application start.
TzCompCanvas: Draw on any Windowed control.
TzcDotSegment: 63-part dot-led-segment. Show any char.
TzcDotLabel: Label component, uses TzcDotSegments.
TzcDotClock: label clock-component, uses TzcDotSegments.
TzcPeakOmeter: Like a meter on your stereo.
TzcTimer: Like a normal TTimer component. Uses a thread.
TzcRunprog: Easy way to run an external program.
TzcURLLabel: Jump to a homepage, an E-mail or maybe FTP.
TzcCustomOnoff: Parent to build on/off switche.
TzcLightOnOff: Works/looks like a normal lightswicth.
TzcPushOnOff: Works/looks like an industrial pushbotton.
TzcDblOnOff: Works/looks like on/off button on a radio.
TzcSingleOnOff: Works/looks like on/off btn. on a radio.
TzResBitmap: tBitmap descendant, loads from res-file.
TzDeskTop: tCanvas, holds the complete desktop.
TzcMMTimer: Use the multimediatimer in an easy way.
TzcSlideOnOff: Yet another on/off button.
TzcSpinBtn: A two-way spinbutton.
TzcCenterSpinBtn: A three way spinbutton.
TzcHairLine: Draw a line on a form
TzcArrowHead: Put arrows on lines on a form.
TzcCreditScroll: An easy way to list a lot of lines in no space.
TzcAnalogClock: An analog clock.
TzcDinMeter: A panel-meter, that emulates a standard din-meter.
TzcSpectrum: Show a lot of data in an easy to read way.
TzcRunningDot: A DotLabel that runs.
TzcColorComboBox: An easy way to select a color
TzcFontComboBox: An easy way to select a font
TzcColorDotLabel: A TzcDotlabel with more than one color in the caption
TzcRgn: A place to store a region, used by many other components (like TzcFancyForm, TzcFancyControl ect.)
TzcTextSize: A place to store the captionsize, used by many other components
TzcBmpOffset: A place to store the placement of a bitmap in many other components
TzcFancyForm: Make the form any shape. Use a bitmap to design the shape you want the form to have
TzcFancyControl: Make any windowed control any shape. Use a bitmap to design the shape of the control
TzcFancyButton: A button that can take any shape. Use a bitmap to design the buttonshape
TzcFancyCustomBtn: A common ancestor to Fancy version of Check- and Radio-buttons
TzcCustomFancyCheckBox: A common ancestor to Fancy checkboxes (inherited from TzcFancyCustomBtn)
TzcCustomFancyRadioButton: A common ancestor to Fancy Radio-buttons (inherited from TzcFancyCustomBtn)
TzcFancyCheckBox: A CheckBox that can take any shape. Use a bitmap to design the shape
TzcFancyRadioButton: A RadioButton that can take any shape. Use a bitmap to design the shape
TzcShapeColorBtn: A TzColorBtn that can take many shapes, like TzShapeBtn
TzcShapeGradBtn: A TzGradBtn that can take many shapes, like TzShapeBtn
TzcShapeBitColBtn: A TzBitColBtn that can take many shapes, like TzShapeBtn
TzcIconColBtn: A TzIconColBtn that can take many shapes, like TzShapeBtn
TzcMMPeak: Monitor audiolevels from the mixer
TzcMMMixer: Control all audiolines of the mixer
TzcWave: A place to store a wavefile. Used by other components like TzcWavePlayer
TzcWavePlayer: Store a wave file internal in your program and play it easely. Removes the need for extra files when deploying.
TzcTrayMeter: Put an Icon on the Tray, that can be used as a peak-meter.
TzcColorListBox: A ListBox for selecting colors in an easy way
TzcFontListBox: A ListBox for selecting fonts in an easy way
TzcVerInfo: An easy way to get version information (as put into the program by Delphi/C++Builder) from the program, or any other program
TzcCustomEdit: A parent for new editcontrols
TzcButtonEdit: A TzcEdit with a button
TzcSpinEdit: A flat SpinEdit and more
TzcCustomMemo: A parent for memo controls
TzcCustomListBox: A parent for listboxes
TzcCustomComboBox: A parent for comboboxes
TzcFlatCustomBtn:A parent for check/radio buttons
TzcFlatCustomCheckBox: A parent for checkboxes
TzcCheckBox: A flat checkbox and more
TzcEdit: Flat editcontrol and more
TzcCustomSpinEdit: A parent for new spineditcontrols
TzcFloatSpinEdit: A TzcSpinEdit for floating point
Tzcmemo: A flat Memo and more
TzcListBox: A flat listbox and more
TzcComboBox: A flat combobox and more
TzcFlatCustomRadioButton: A Parent for radiobuttons
TzcRadioButton: A flat radiobutton and more
TzcDial: Looks and works like a knob on a stereo
TzcDorCrt: A Simple CRT-like label
TzcWaveVolumel: Simple volumecontrol for wave

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