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ID: 17924, WebCab ScrollArea v2.0

by Aleksandar Nikolov Email:

WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 is a Graphical User Interface Text & Image area, that supports extensive customization and is JDK1.1 compatible.
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Size: 954,866 bytes
Updated on Wed, 01 May 2002 18:49:28 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 01 May 2002 18:49:26 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9A3DC5A5CE4D012E880105418839B9DD8AEA5350
MD5 Hash: 77DA54F3AF6AFCA2A9C650DAB8607A06

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WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 is a Graphical User Interface Text & Image area, that supports extensive customization of colors, font characteristics, World Wide Web access, pictures and backgrounds, all programmed on a solid and fully browser-compatible 1.1 Java Development Kit. Without requiring to be run on a Java2 Virtual Machine, with a JDK1.3 Runtime Environment, WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 proves portability between any operating systems running JavaTM.

The main features of WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 refer to text properties, such as colors, font sizes, styles and attributes, a new easy-to-use color picker, excellent smooth scrolling speed and reliability. Also, the very precise and detailed configuration options, both on the user and programmer side, provide portability between diferent platforms according to client-side specific needs.

Product details

All of WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 component features have been designed to work on a JDK1.1 platform, being compatible with virtually any browser running a Java Virtual Machine. The WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 characteristics are:

Text Options

Colors - Every word or character may bear a different color, defined either by color picking, by choosing from a predefined list of colors or by specific RGB (red, green and blue) 24-bit color definition.

Font Faces - The standard Java AWT supports a limited range of Font Families, such as Courier, Dialog, Helvetica, Serif and Monospaced. These and many other fonts can be chosen by the user and by the developer, inside the ScrollArea Configuration Dialog.

Font Styles - WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 supports the standard bold and italic styles, as provided by the AWT packages, also being capable of rendering underlined style, inside any line of text.

Font Sizes - The developer or client may choose the font sizes from the ScrollArea Configuration Dialog and inside any line of text, as well.

Image Options

Background Pictures - WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 supports any Jpeg or Gif file image to be displayed on the background of the rendering surface. The user may choose between three types of arrangement, centered, tiled and stretched from the Configuration Dialog.

Images - Both images and text can be displayed inside the rendering surface. The developer or the designer selects the pictures and they are displayed by the end-user at runtime.

Configuration Options

Configuration Dialog - By clicking with the right or middle mouse button on the desktop the user can enter the ScrollArea Configuration Dialog. From there, using only the mouse, the user may choose any font, color and image setting.

Init Configuration - This configuration is administrator and developer specific, allowing detailed featuring of WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 behavior.


Text Word Wrapping - The user may choose to wrap the words so as to fit the visible rendering surface. This way, scrolling may be avoided when attempting to view the entire text.

Smooth Scrolling - WebCab ScrollArea v2.0 allows a smooth pixel-by-pixel scrolling when dragging the scrollbar "bubble", ensuring comfortable text & image viewing.

List-like Behavior - As an alternative, ScrollArea v2.0 may behave like a selection list, this way the text gliding from top to bottom. Also, in this mode, each line may be selected, allowing proper events to be cast.

Text Flowing - While scrolling through the text, on any direction, horizontally or vertically, the text and images contained within are hovered across the desktop, so that the background images remain static.

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