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ID: 17797, pcAnywhere OLE Sample CRemoteData CRemoteDataManager

by Jim Ferguson Email: Anonymous

This sample uses the pcAnywhere OLE interface to establish a connection to a remote control data, but it will not allow you to change it if your using version 10.0.
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Updated on Tue, 16 Apr 2002 07:24:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 16 Apr 2002 07:24:34 GMT
uses ComObj;
PCAServer = 'WINAWSVR.RemoteDataManager';
DefaultNetwork = 'network*.chf';
DefaultModem = 'modem*.chf';
ConnectionTypeTCPIP = 'TCP/IP';
ConnectionTypeModem = 'DEFAULT TAPI';
function GetRemoteData(var FileName: String; AccessMode: Word = 0): CRemoteData;
{ Type Libs are in a technical document at symantec's web site
search for:
How to Use the pcAnywhere OLE Specification

If you use the title for your search it should be the top one
After that, just import the type library.

{ Documentation:
Look for pcaole.pdf

RemoteDataManager: CRemoteDataManager;
Path: WideString;
Temp: String;
// RemoteDataManager := CoCRemoteDataManager.Create; Doesn't work
// RemoteDataManager := CreateOLEObject(PCAServer) as CRemoteDataManager; Doesn't work
RemoteDataManager := CRemoteDataManager(CreateOLEObject(PCAServer));
Assert(Assigned(RemoteDataManager),'No '+PCAServer);
if not FileExists(FileName) then begin
Temp := RemoteDataManager.CurrentDirectory;
if (Temp <> '') and (Temp[Length(Temp)] <> '\') then begin
Temp := Temp +'\';
Temp := Temp+ExtractFileName(FileName);
if not RemoteDataManager.FindFirst(Temp,Path) then
raise Exception.CreateFmt('%s invalid file name and default %s cannot be found',[FileName,Temp]);
Result := CRemoteData(RemoteDataManager.RetrieveObject(ExtractFileName(Path),1,''));
Assert(Assigned(Result),'No '+Path);
FileName := Path;
else begin
Result := CRemoteData(RemoteDataManager.RetrieveObject(Path,AccessMode,''));
RemoteDataManager := nil;

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