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ID: 17402, FlyTreeViewPro Suite

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

Create rich user interfaces for your Delphi and C++Builder applications with more than 40 types of in-place editors. FlyTreeViewPro Suite is a suite of components that are 100% native VCLs.
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 6.0 286 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 413,348 bytes
Updated on Sat, 02 Feb 2002 05:58:48 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 15 Jan 2002 04:43:44 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 90B7570188AB322E33B4C3F12547AD152401EB92
MD5 Hash: 405D72FEFE1F981C051B0858DE4DFDEB

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New in Version 7.2:

Added Smooth Node Expand/Collapse functionality

Supports more than 40 types of inplace editors PLUS your custom format (instead of mask editor)
4 types of input helpers - manual, spin, ellipsis button, dropdown list/tree/grid (custom editors, calculator, calendar, PicturePreview coming soon)
PLUS ISPlugEditor - new generation editor that supports of editing more than 40 types of data and its combinations
PLUSPropertiesTree Pro - more convenient runtime properties editor
Main features:

Fast: Add/Sort/Clear of 100,000 nodes less than 0.5 sec
Get more Controls in One: Fastest, powerful and flexible VCL-control for representing grid-like and hierarchical data, replacement for more than 30 controls
Break up barriers: Break up MS ComCtrl barrier of 64k visible nodes - each node in FlyTreeView can hold HUGE arrays of subnodes. Limit? - Your physical memory
Combined Tree/Grid functionality: You can code FlyTreeView by use standard Grid methods (Row, Col, Cell) or TreeView (Node, Nodes)
Fully Customizable at design and runtime: you can access to Properties dialog of FlyTreeView at runtime, by single line code
RightToLeft support: With FlyTreeView you can develop your apps for Middle Eastern countries.
Easy Printing - you can draw on another canvas any array of cells
Background Wallpaper- smart drawing scrollable wallpaper on large arrays of data without creating huge of background bitmap
Columns - Moveable, Clickable columns which can be hidden or showed, supports colored titles and different fonts
Smart logic - supports checked/optioned/combined trees and provide smart technology of autoswitching checkboxes and option buttons

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