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ID: 17396, ISPlugEditor

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

Edit more than 40 types of data and combinations by manual typing, select from dropdown, spinning, or programmatically. Imca System's ISPlugEditor Component is a VCL component that is designed to integrate into any application.
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 6.0 231 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 274,225 bytes
Updated on Fri, 22 Feb 2002 19:10:52 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 15 Jan 2002 04:22:33 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3C9C55609A5B7BC595D4B68F1BE15E0397C1FB76
MD5 Hash: 3FB02DD930314FF45B43F2BA8962C3BA

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New in Version 1.3:

Changed OnCompare event parameters
Added FitColumnToClientWidth property
Corrected Expand/Collapse mechanism
Added Smooth Node Expand/Collapse functionality
Added FlatScrollbars support: ScrollBarsStyle, ScrollBarsColor.
Some of traditional types supported: String, Memo, Colors, Date (long,short, medium), Time (long,short, medium), IP-address, Currency, Image, Image with Caption.


40+ types of data - (unique Dropdowntree, IPAddress, Color)
Types of input - manual, spinbutton, dropdown, ellipsis, programmatical
Like DropdownList style in ComboBox types
Autocomplete and AutoDropdown features
Custom organize sections of editor
Multicolumnar dropdowns
Alignment and custom widths in dropdowns
Dropdowns can be sized - DropDownsized feature
RightToLeft support
Shift editors on get Focus (allow little size of editor)
Unlimited number of data sections
Custom colors, borders, separators for each section of data
Easy work - simply set needed type of Editor in EditorType
Stylize your editor - work with Sections of Editor
With use OnPrepareDropDown event you can dynamically change properties of your dropdown
Also included in IsPlugEditor:

TTreeCollection - Polymorphic Collection with hierarchical structure

Each Item of Collection itself is a Collection
TTreeNodes and TTreeNode functionality - you can operate with items as TTreeNodes
Hierachical Structure with TTreeNodes functionality
Polymorphic Tree - you can hold tree of registered descendants of TTreeCollection
Very convenient and simple TTreeCollection property editor for any component that has a content property type of TTreeCollection, with access to all TTreeCollection Items and their properties. You do not need to write and construct another property editor - TTreeCollection property editor automatically recognizes the property name and allows you to show any object in TTreeCollection in Object Inspector (for Delphi3/4 and C++ Builder 3/4 only)
Delphi streaming system support runtime/designtime
Can save objects properties at design time. Streaming functions: Stream Load/Save, File Load/Save
Added DB support functions: SaveComponentToText and LoadComponentFromText - you can save and load TTreeCollection Component to/from String/Blob fields
Added Simple Implementation of TreeCollection - TRootCollection (included in TtreeCollection Package)


Now you can fill cells text of nodes at design time
Improved Nodes.SaveToTextFile/LoadFromTextFile for store cells text of the nodes into file, increased speed of these methods
Added NodeSelectionStyle property for change node highlighting styles
TreeView with joined functionality of TTreeview and TCustomGrid
(Works faster than standard 16-24 times). Speed is as result of RapidTrees design not being based on TTreeview architecture; RapidTree uses Polymorphic TTreeCollection and TCustomGrid architecture
Maximum compatibility
RapidTree is TreeView with Grid functionality (multicolumnar TreeView).
RapidTree boasts simplified printing operations
RapidTree has the same methods and properties of TTreeView (working with nodes) and TCustomGrid (working with data, rows and columns). For override standard drawing you can use DrawCell method, also you can simply draw TRapidTree on another canvases - use DrawCell method with other Canvases

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