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ID: 17369, Chilkat Zip

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

Add high-performance Zip compression/decompression to your application. Chilkat Zip is an ActiveX component that incorporates Chilkat Streaming technology, allowing it to handle data of any size, even gigabytes. Its design allows memory data or file data to be managed in the same way
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 6.0 274 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 2,764,287 bytes
Updated on Fri, 22 Feb 2002 19:06:02 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 14 Jan 2002 07:48:20 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9C50699BFCFCAF6D51158CA95EE96C3BD106F30B
MD5 Hash: BDE44DD69F92B6EA598FA587E985C5A3

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New Version 5.0:

Incorporates ChilkatLog v2.0
Provides events that allow for zip/unzip operations to be monitored
Provides other useful methods

Written in C++ with ATL 3.0 for best performance
No external compression DLLs, MFC DLLs or runtime libraries are required
Designed for both single-threaded (STA) and multi-threaded apartment (MTA) models
Instantiate the component dynamically without putting it on a form
Allows for multiple instances to run simultaneously
Works with Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, ASP, Visual FoxPro, DCOM, Web scripting languages, Office, etc
Fast, optimized compression engine with memory-usage that doesn't increase when the size of the data increases
Uses Chilkat's Streaming Technology allowing data of any size to be compressed/decompressed, even gigabytes
Compatible with the existing PKZip 2.04g format Zip archives created by Chilkat Zip can be used by any of today's existing unzipping applications, and vice-versa
Unicode filenames, NT file attributes, time stamps, and security permissions are stored and retrieved
Compress files or memory buffers into new or existing Zip archives
Decompress files to disk or directly to memory
Decompress text files to memory, and do CR to CRLF conversions automatically (or vice-versa)
Compress and decompress strings or binary data completely in memory
Access the data in its compressed format directly
Update one Zip archive from another one's contents or merge two Zip archives together
Process or exclude files based on file attributes or pattern matching
Recursively descend directories to zip entire directory trees
Delete files from within an existing Zip archive
Set and get comments for individual files in the Zip archive
Set and get the global Zip archive comment
Compress entire directories and their contents
Ability to store specific files without compression
Store files with our without extra path information
Control whether system or hidden files are included
Supports long filenames, UNC paths and stores Unicode filenames in the Zip archive
Rename files and paths in a Zip archive
Set and get individual file information such as comment, attributes, and time stamps in a Zip archive
Set the compression level for individual files
Specify the target directory where files will be uncompressed
Specify files to process using wildcards
Work on temporary copies of Zip archives
Specify the location of where temporary Zip is created

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