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ID: 17361, ActiveX Barcode Linear Control

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

Add linear barcode capability to your Windows applications. ActiveX Barcode Linear Control is a COM-based component that is designed to integrate into a any windows application
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 6.0 295 downloads
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Size: 236,080 bytes
Updated on Fri, 22 Feb 2002 19:03:06 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 14 Jan 2002 07:01:03 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 085AB001F5821931FBED0E47B7FA775928E074ED
MD5 Hash: 3478D3B86130A384536B3AA8CDE7FAC7

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The ActiveX Barcode Linear Control & OCX is implemented in a single ActiveX Control file. It is an easy to use "drag and drop" barcode tool. Works with any Windows application that supports ActiveX technology including Visual Basic, C++, Internet Explorer Web pages, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access.

Features Include:

All linear barcode types are implemented in a single file that is less than 150KB
Easy to use drag and drop operation
Supports data binding
Precise, high-quality device independent graphics
Size and orientation is adjustable
The ActiveX Barcode Linear Control allows for easy "drag and drop" barcode creation in Windows applications.

Other Features:

Developer support - developers intending to distribute our control with their applications will be glad to know that all functionality of the linear barcode control is implemented in a single small file.

Data binding - easily bind to the most popular relational database systems. Refer to the DataSource, DataBindings, and DataField Properties to configure and bind the ActiveX control to a field in your database.

High performance, compact size and no runtime requirements - created in Visual C++ using ATL which means there are no runtime requirements, the file size of the controls is very small (which makes them easy to distribute), they use less CPU cycles than other controls and give greater performance.

Quality graphics - produce precise, high resolution Windows Metafile graphics which scale to the resolution of the printer.

Flexible sizing options - the X dimension, wide to narrow ratio and the barcode height may be adjusted for the intended application and scanning equipment. Measurements are in CM (centimeters) unless otherwise indicated.

Graphic configuration options - settings are provided for the foreground and background colors and fonts for the human readable characters.

Lower ASCII support - Lower ASCII functions such as returns and tabs are supported in the barcodes for Extended Code 39, Code 128, Data Matrix and PDF417.

Checksum options - checksum characters can be enabled or disabled in the barcode. In the human readable text, checksum characters can be appended to the text. This feature can also be turned off so the checksum character is not in the text but is encoded in the barcode. This feature is not applicable to Code 128 because Code 128 contains characters that cannot be entered from the keyboard.

Text options - the human readable text may be enabled or disabled in the barcode. Programmers that develop custom formatting for the text sometimes disable this feature.

Selectable orientation - angles of 0, 90, 180 or 270 are supported.

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