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ID: 17348, AFD Names & Numbers

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

Provide comprehensive contact management for U.K. names and addresses. Names & Numbers combines telephone numbers, 26 million postcoded addresses, 1.5 million organizations, and 44 million peoples' names for accurate entry and management of contact data
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 6.0 52 downloads
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Size: 9,869,998 bytes
Updated on Wed, 06 Feb 2002 21:29:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 14 Jan 2002 04:56:33 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B742BE6DCF597B4167A4CFE4ED96620DDEAB9E0F
MD5 Hash: ABD5317EA0EBBB2AB02DDDF56C868E9D

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Names & Numbers is a comprehensive reference to UK names, addresses and telephone numbers. It provides fast, accurate, entry and management of address data and easy extracts of data sets from over 1.5 million organisations and over 44 million people and places. Users include Mail Order, Call Centres, Insurance, Retail, Tracing and Membership Organisations.

Powerful and comprehensive API enables application developers to put advanced name and address management features quickly and easily at the heart of programs.

Names & Numbers Data:

44 million people First Name, Initial & Surname, Gender, Residency
16 million with residential phone numbers
1.5 million organisations
1.3 million organisations with phone numbers
Standard Industry Classification (SIC)
Business descriptions like 'Solicitors'
26.5 million UK addresses
92% matched to DPS level
Ordnance Survey Grid References and distances
Mailsort codes
NHS codes and names of areas and regions
Local Authority Ward codes & names
Parliamentary Constituencies
Names & Numbers Benefits:

Reduce keying of names & addresses by over 80%
Key and verify full contact details from just the postcode
Reduce fraud - check people live where they say
Build professional, consistent reliable databases.
Trace contacts & addresses from tiny fragments of information
Names & Numbers uses extended public and commercial databases to deliver the names of most occupants - and telephone numbers of many - along with the activities of most businesses.

Rapid Address entry - Entering addresses is simple - and fast:

By postcode and building: 13,BL8 1JA

By postcode and surname: Dolman, BL8 1JA

Address Lookup - Lookup of names & addresses is simple:

By name: John Dolman

By name & address: John Dolman, bury

Superdrug, Bury

John, BL8 1JA

13 Birks Drive

By phone number: 0161 763 5004

Advanced Searching - To meet more demanding enquiries, names & numbers boasts powerful and sophisticated search facilities:

Phonetic - sounds like 'Smythe' but not spelled 'Smith
Spelled Like - find spelling mistakes even where they alter the sound of a word
Family - find Janet + John smith at the same address
Business Type - find 'Solicitors' or 'Accountants'
Radius - find Solicitors within a 3 mile radius of E14 5JD
Wild Cards - starts with, ends with, contains
Names & Numbers Dynamic Link Library (DLL) provides a powerful and simple way for programmers to integrate the power of AFD Names & Numbers directly into their database or application running under Windows 95, 98 or NT or Windows 2000. The programming involved will vary with the language you are using, but examples are provided which make it very easy for most popular languages and the principles illustrated will guide developers in other environments. If you are using one of the example languages, you can simply paste the bits of program into your own code, for immediate use!

Sample Source code is provided for VB and C/C++.

All products in the afd postcode range require an Annual Data license. Initial prices include a data license for one year. The Annual Renewal fee includes a data license, a full new data set, an upgrade to the latest program release and a full technical support service.
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