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ID: 16946, Multilizer V5.0.45

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

MULTILIZER helps you to turn your monolingual software into any other language versions needed, allowing globally-enabled software distribution on Windows, PDA and Wireless Internet environments.
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For JBuilder, Version 1.0  to 6.0 81 downloads
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Size: 28,513,915 bytes
Updated on Wed, 07 Nov 2001 14:07:30 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 07 Nov 2001 13:13:39 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 963C2C8D3DCCAE90723F0B7FFEF8093D2105C495
MD5 Hash: 16E988318DBF3CADCB038D47AC29BFFF

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MULTILIZER is available for evaluation and purchase from ComponentSource. Developers can purchase, sell and learn how to build reusable software components for Borland JBuilder™ at ComponentSource, a global marketplace and community for software components and tools.

MULTILIZER is a universal solution supporting all European and Western (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) character sets: e.g. English, Dutch, German, Greek, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian etc. The result is a truly multilingual application where the active language can be changed on the fly.

Benefit from MULTILIZER:
- Increase your software market/conquer new markets!
- Let your software support one or more new languages
- Make your software international and customer-friendly
- Localize both existing and new projects
- Efficiently share human resources - Use both programmers' and translators' tools
- Use Dictionary components for attaching translation data in any format and language
- Use Translator component for automatic form translations
- Use Language Manager utility for efficient maintenance of locales and translation data
- Let the Wizards automate tasks like adding new languages and locales
- Do standards-aware software internationalization and localization
- Translate visual components' strings
- Translate strings inside your code
- One set of resources - one executable - multiple languages
- Support for sub-languages
- Support for OS-compliant custom locales
- Active language can be switched at run time
- European (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic) character sets
- Dictionary based translation
- Language maintenance is kept apart from software development
- Re-use translation data in future projects
- Run the multilingual software in the language meeting the locale

The evaluation expires after 30 days.

Evaluate and buy MULTILIZER from:

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