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ID: 16912, EncryptIt V1.1

by Photine Kaklamanos Email: Anonymous

EncryptIt allows you to encrypt and decrypt data, passwords and files within applications. Uses include secure data storage and secure access control through password encryption.
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For JBuilder, Version 2.0  to 6.0 212 downloads
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Updated on Wed, 07 Nov 2001 14:31:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 06 Nov 2001 10:46:28 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9C417A561516C8FEBB801A0A9B83E54EB8C8DD9E
MD5 Hash: 63809B22B28A6C6AC49DB8C231F70419

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EncryptIt is available for evaluation and purchase from ComponentSource. Developers can purchase, sell and learn how to build reusable software components for Borland JBuilder™ at ComponentSource, a global marketplace and community for software components and tools.

EncryptIt allows you to encrypt and decrypt data, passwords and files within your application. EncryptIt is a Java component, which will encrypt data strings and files within a Java application. It can be used for secure data storage and for secure access control through password encryption. The encryption is performed using established algorithms such as DES and TripleDES. The developer can select their preferred option from a range of encryption algorithms or use their own. Original data is recovered by de-encryption using the same cipher keys.

The Encryption Engine component provides a flexible means of incorporating data encryption into your system without the need to study and understand complex encryption algorithms. The data to be encrypted is simply placed as a source file or data string for the encryption engine, which then creates an output of the encrypted data. The encryption process can be applied to encrypt sensitive data for secure storage, to encrypt and store passwords to ensure secure access to systems and to protect data entry into open systems.

Encryption Engine supports a number of established encryption algorithms, namely:
- Triple DES
- Blowfish
- RC2
- RC4

The developer can determine which of these he wishes to use by simply making the correct calls on the available classes. If required the developer can implement their own preferred encryption algorithm by selecting the correct interface for the Encrypt object.

The encryption process requires the creation of cipher keys. These can be generated automatically from a truly randomizing process, which creates a unique key, or they can be generated from a seed hex string, which produces a unique but repeatable key. In either case it is imperative that the keys are stored securely and maintained private, otherwise security is compromised. In normal operation the encryption keys are destroyed once the data has been de-encrypted. In the event that the keys are destroyed before de-encryption then the data will be irrecoverable.

The Enterprise Edition includes a Java Bean version and an EJB version.

The evaluation has limited functionality.

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