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ID: 16675, The Tomes of Kylix: the Linux API

by Tim McEvoy Email: Anonymous

This is a sample chapter from the upcoming book The Tomes of Kylix: The Linux API from Wordware Publishing, Inc., publisher of the acclaimed Delphi Developer's Library.
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Updated on Tue, 23 Oct 2001 20:20:28 GMT
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The Tomes of Kylix: The Linux API guides the Kylix developer through the core facets of Linux development common to all Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Caldera, SuSe, Mandrake, and TurboLinux. This new title covers the core aspects of Linux development from advanced file processing to Linux threading issues, including advanced Linux communication methods relative to the application programming interface (API). This title is essential reading for any Kylix or Delphi developer wanting insight into the development methods and coding practices under Linux, and is another addition to the popular Delphi series from Wordware Publishing.

The Tomes of Kylix: The Linux API simplifies the complexities for developers using Kylix to gain access to the Linux API, which is at the core of any serious development. Each individual section of the book begins with an in-depth analysis of key Linux technologies, including sockets, processes, POSIX threads, inter-process communication, and security. Also included is an exhaustive Linux API reference, real-life practical examples of the Linux API, and techniques to incorporate other non-core Linux API.

The author also covers methods of integrating the Linux API with the Kylix CLX architecture and methods for converting other third-party APIs for use with Kylix. By understanding key areas of Linux development, The Tomes of Kylix: The Linux API gives any Kylix or Delphi developer an edge in developing robust real-time Linux applications.

AUTHOR INFORMATION: Glenn Stephens is an Borland Certified Consultant who has been working with Delphi and Turbo Pascal for over 10 years. Stephens currently runs a software development company on the Holiday Coast of Australia, developing client server and Internet applications for corporate clients. Stephens is a regular speaker at Australian Borland conferences and symposiums, teaches Delphi courses at Borland’s Sydney office, and has written for several publications such as Delphi Developer and Australian Corporate IT magazine.

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