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ID: 16657, Simple HTML Help Viewer

by Jan Goyvaerts Email: Anonymous

Add integrated context-sensitive help to your Kylix and Delphi CLX applications using plain HTML files.
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For Kylix, Version 2.0  to 2.0 203 downloads
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Size: 22,125 bytes
Updated on Tue, 09 Oct 2001 02:03:20 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 09 Oct 2001 02:20:28 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 81B5E44D72D9B8C26B93654277EFF84E57603B26
MD5 Hash: DACD86905255161E76F6DE1173D9F16E

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Simple HTML HelpViewer is an implementation of the ICustomHelpViewer. It allows you to add context-sensitive help to your Kylix 2 and Delphi 6 CLX applications. Simple HTML HelpViewer allows you to use ordinary HTML files for context-sensitive help and to display them on a form that is part of your application, rather than trying to figure out which web browser the user has.

Using Simple HTML HelpViewer has several advantages. First, creating HTML files is easy. There is a wide variety of HTML editors and you can use whichever one you prefer. The other main advantage of Simple HTML HelpViewer is that it enables context-sensitive help, rather than having the user open an HTML file in his/her browser and search for the information. People who have used Windows software in the past certainly expect this functionality. By displaying the HTML file in a TTextBrowser component, your application does not have to figure out which web browser(s) the user has installed and it will work the same on all systems, reducing the burden on tech support.

The most important disadvantage of Simple HTML HelpViewer is the TTextBrowser component it uses to show the HTML files. This CLX component is a wrapper around the QTextBrowser QT class, which is not exactly a state-of-the-art browser.

Simple HTML HelpViewer is licensed under the Lesser GPL.

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