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ID: 16391, StarTeam Plugin v1.0.4

by Vu Nguyen Email: Anonymous

First attempt to develop this tool. This tool will allow user to check out, checkin ...etc.. from StarTeam. These features will be tighted to the JBuilder UI. Read the Readme file.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 6.0 554 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 1,872,786 bytes
Updated on Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:43:52 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 19 Jul 2001 15:09:30 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3971347BC58713327473455FBB86776C45A9FD5B
MD5 Hash: 65675361DD59C4EEE1CD35A9739FE44A

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StarBase's StarTeam Open Tool Plug-In version 1.0.4 For JBuilder 4 & 5 Enterprise & 6 Enterprise

This tool uses the Borland's Version Control Open Tool API to add basic
StarTeam support to JBuilder 4,5 & 6 Enterprise. The following
StarTeam functions can be performed: check out, check in,
checkout, get, check out by version, update status and status.
You can now map your current project to any sub-project in StarTeam's
root folder.

- 1.0.4 Repackaged and tested.
- another fix for directory/project structure... tested and very stable...
- fixed 'Check Out To' from StarTeam Tab in Editor Pane
- fixed 'Context' Menu when project is not under StarTeam
- 1.0.3 fixed 'Pull Project' issue
- 1.0.2 added the ability to add new file (with new package name) to StarTeam.
- 1.0.1 added icons for StarTeam's Status and updated Project's View.
- 1.00 major changes for performance. Added ability to get ALL the sources from
StarTeam when created a new project (by selecting the ROOT Project in JBuilder)
- 0.72 fixed numerous threading problems.
- 0.71 fixed the refresh content panel issues and fixed the 'null' project happens once a
while in 0.7.
- 0.7 version added the ability to remember and check in files that had been checked out.
- 0.61 version fixed the Editor/Content Context Menu and allow to enter diff. port for StarTeam.
- 0.6 version added the ability to check in/check out/get latest... multiple files, added access
from Context menus.
- 0.5 version fixed more path problems (Thanks for Rodney S. Foley to help me with testing this)
- 0.4 version fixed the Path problems.
- 0.3 version allow to map sub-folder in StarTeam with Project.
- It has been verified to work with Windows NT 4.0, win2000 (98 will be tested)

I am providing this software "as is". Please read the licensing agreement
before installing this sofware.

1. Place the jar file "StarTeamPlugin4.jar" into the "lib/ext" directory
of your JBuilder 4 installation OR place the jar file "StarTeamPlugin5.jar"
into the "lib/ext" directory of your JBuilder 5

2. If you have JBuilder4 and JBuilder5, place the dll file "StSDKNativeFileAccess.dll" into the "bin" directory
of your JBuilder

3. Restart JBuilder

Using The Plug-In:
1. Open the project that is to be used with StarTeam.

2. Click on the "Team|Configure Version Control..." menu item.

3. In the "Select version control system", select "StarTeam".

4. You must provide the StarTeam server's name.

5. You must provide your user id and the password.

6. Map the StarTeam projects to your working directories by clicking
the "List Projects" button. You will be presented with a list of StarTeam projects
Simply select the project and click the "Map This Project to Current JBuilder Project" button.
You could drill down a directory by clicking "Go In" button so that you could
map to below directory.

7. Click the OK button after you configured all of the StarTeam
NOTE: For JBuilder 5, you probably have to close the project and reopen it to take the
configuration into affect (I'm still investigating on this issue)

8. When you right click on a file or a package (single or in groups) in your project,
you will be presented with a new context menu option ("StarTeam"). When
highlighted, the menu will display a list of available StarTeam
options for the selected file.

Available options are:

"Add" - Add the file to mapped StarTeam project (NEW)

"Checkout" - Checkout the file from the mapped StarTeam project

"Checkin" - Check the file into the mapped StarTeam project
You will be presented with a dialog to allow you to supply a

"Get Latest Version" - Get the file from the mapped StarTeam Project.

"Status" - Displays the status of the file.

"Update Status" - Update the status of the file in StarTeam.

9. Revison History and File Differencing option are available through the
History tab of the editor pane. You will then be able to view the source
for prior revisions and do visual differencing between the revisions.

What's Not Supported In This Release:

1. The ability to add new project folders to StarTeam.
2. The visibility to new files added in StarTeam ('missing' status)
3. Multiple Sources in JBuilder Project's Setting.


If you have any questions/comments please e-mail me at
with your JBuilder Project Directory Structure and StarTeam Folder Structure. Also, if possible please run JBuilder in debug mode (jbuilder -verbose) and send me the output of the certain command (Check in , check out..) which gave you the errors.
Thank you.

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