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ID: 16168, TFileEdit

by Brad Prendergast Email: Anonymous

This component is a descendant of TEdit which contains a button which calls an open dialog, which fills the Edit box with the selected file.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 9.0 699 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 50,341 bytes
Updated on Sat, 06 Aug 2005 10:23:11 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 17 May 2001 13:02:53 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D96807B0E08D102D0225174D1F6A5332F5407E41
MD5 Hash: F5A43CF9F5BDB02D05A5AF88516F4089

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Description: TDirectoryEdit is a descendant of the native TEdit control which allows for the selection (through a TOpenDialog) of a file name and path to populate the TFileEdit field.

Properties -
SetHint: Boolean - Specifies if the components Hint property should be populated with the contents of the field after a directory is selected.
InitialDir: string - Determines the current directory when the file selection dialog opens
Title: string - Specifies the text in the open dialog’s title bar
DefaultExt: string - Specifies a default file selection dialog extension
Filter: string - Determines the file masks (filters) available in the open dialog (see TOpenDialog.Filter in the Delphi help file)
Options: TOpenOptions - Determines the appearance and behavior of the open dialog file options (see TOpenDialog.Options in the Delphi help file)

Events -
OnButtonClick: Specifies the event if the file selection button is clicked (Note: If assigned this event will override the select file event)

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