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ID: 16144, Agni EyeSpy for Delphi 6

by Deepak Shenoy Email:

Welcome to Agni's Eye Spy. Agni's Eye Spy the one and only complete Spy for Delphi applications. Eye Spy is a debugging tool using which the controls in a Delphi application can be spied on, for properties, events and messages.
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 6.0 228 downloads
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Size: 1,300,866 bytes
Updated on Sat, 19 May 2001 00:25:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 14 May 2001 07:20:51 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D302F80B466945DF1CAA3EFC87D32466EADB610D
MD5 Hash: A5F9C4261D5B397F8F4F3F78F06F6E33

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What is Agni Eye Spy? If you add Eye Spy to your application, you can visually see all your components properties and events at run-time! A single procedure call will bring up the Eye Spy Window, and you can use this to visually select controls you want to "spy" on, and inspect their properties using a property inspector quite like Delphi's object inspector. You can also track messages and events - and see which order they're being fired in, what data is being sent in each event parameter etc. Not just this, you can even CHANGE properties from the property inspector at run time. This is a great help in helping debug complex applications, and since EyeSpy compiles completely into your application, you can even ship it to your customers - royalty free - and figure out those hard-to-reproduce bugs that constantly made you want to install Delphi in your customer's machine. Finding and fixing bugs is now easier than ever!

Eye Spy provides a Component Locator, a Property Inspector, an Event watch and a Message Trap. To use Eye Spy in your application you just have to include one unit, and call one function to bring up Eye Spy. You can not only spy on the behaviour of visual controls but also on the behaviour of non-visual components like TTable, TTimer etc. The event log shows property changes and event fires along with the parameter names, types and values. Eye Spy also provides you with a message watch, which logs all window and control messages like WM_xxx, BM_xx, CM_xxx, etc. sent to the control.

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