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ID: 16043, Simple API for XML (SAX) for Delphi

by Keith Wood Email: Anonymous

The Simple API for XML (SAX), including Delphi translations of all SAX interfaces, a native SAX parser, and a wrapper for Microsoft's SAX2 parser.
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For Delphi, Version 3.0  to 6.0 1561 downloads
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Size: 92,684 bytes
Updated on Wed, 02 May 2001 19:46:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 02 May 2001 19:44:49 GMT
SHA1 Hash: E9A1F804042CE39290D8424CCF135D4693613602
MD5 Hash: 0FEE43985AB415FB438298BCBE096884

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An implementation of the Simple API for XML (SAX) in Delphi. It includes Delphi translations of all the SAX interfaces and supporting classes for versions 1 and 2. A native Delphi SAX parser is included, as well as a wrapper for Microsoft's SAX2 parser.

This project requires the MSXML v3 package from Microsoft and the CUEXml v2 package from CUESoft. You can disable the CUESoft requirements by removing the definition of the conditional value 'CUESOFT' in the project options and rebuilding the project.

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