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ID: 15936, JPEGs in DBImage (design-&runtime!) with Bugfix

by Robert Kuhlmann Email: Anonymous

This code enables native JPEG-blob-support for components like TDBImage at design and runtime. It completely fixes the missing JPEGability of TBlobField and TGraphicField.
BUGFIX: Forgot to register TEnhBlobField with RegisterClass. This bug caused an error, when loading a form with TEnhBlobField-variables created by a Field-Editor. Works now!
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For Delphi, Version 4.0  to 5.0 1676 downloads
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Size: 11,621 bytes
Updated on Tue, 01 May 2001 14:16:18 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 29 Apr 2001 16:27:13 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 173E895F3C20C2C97BB8DF4FD1858E31030CA79C
MD5 Hash: 8AF466BE4DDFE09AB9F674DB869534E2

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This code modifies the DefaultFieldClass-array of DB.pas and IBDatabase.pas, so the new TEnhBlobField and TEnhGraphicField classes are used instead of their old versions from the VCL. If the packages are installed into the IDE this even works at designtime.
TEnhBlobField expands TBlobField's capabilties with JPEG-support (using TJEGImage of course).
No modification to existing code is needed, nor will it be affected in any way. But if a table contains JPEGs in blobs, they can be displayed via TDBImage, even at design time, like it was with regular bitmaps eversince. Even mixing JPEGs and Bitmaps in the same column is possible, because TEnhBlobField recognizes the correct header-format!

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