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ID: 15708, ProjDrop for JB4

by Valentino Kyriakides Email: Anonymous

ProjDrop - a Drag-and-Drop extension to JBuilder from "Dag Rende"
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 4.0 1016 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 8,323 bytes
Updated on Fri, 09 Mar 2001 06:25:09 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 09 Mar 2001 06:24:23 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 78831D426FBBC45C813919C301FBFB506057C1E7
MD5 Hash: 7711D1529BE6EAC6316D3585FB9D51B5

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ProjDrop - a Drag-and-Drop extension to JBuilder from "Dag Rende"
This OpenTools extension adds drag-and-drop capabilities to the JB IDE. Just drag some files and/or directories and drop in the project viewer. All files dragged and all files in the directory(ies) are added to the project at the top level. All file types defined in JB can be added this way (Dag used the FileType class for the mapping).
As a bonus you can open files in the ContentManager (the editor area) by dropping files there. Directories are not supported there, however.

NOTE: Dag and I have tried this only on Win NT, so please try yourself if it works on other platforms. Dag used the java.awt.dnd package, so it probably should work.


Drop the file ProjDrop.jar into the lib/ext folder under the JBuilder 4.0 main folder. Exit and restart JBuilder. Ready!

Try to drop some files/directories into your project to add them to the top level node.

Try to drop some files onto the editor pane to the right to open them.

Author: Dag Rende, Openinfo AB, Sweden

Furter NOTE:

Before I get emails related to this OT, let me say that I don't support this ProjDrop OT from Dag Rende in any way. Use it at your own risk and please don't bother me with questions related to it!

V. Kyriakides

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