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ID: 15596, Kylix: The Professional Developer's Guide And Reference

by Jon Shemitz Email: Anonymous

A Visual Find utility, that uses popen() to call `find`; one version uses system() to grep files, while the other uses the POSIX regex fns.
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For Kylix, Version 1.0  to 1.0 1329 downloads
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Size: 42,654 bytes
Updated on Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:59:50 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 10 Feb 2001 19:54:45 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 06EEA798B93A89CB2EED0E80296C9713F0064D44
MD5 Hash: 9CDC82BA31C6BAF6863B2E7153D316A5

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Kylix: The Professional Developer's Guide And Reference has something for everyone: from Delphi and VB programmers moving from Windows, to Linux C++ and Perl programmers moving to the hot new RAD tool. It consists of three sections - Object Pascal, the IDE and the CLX, and Linux - that are linear and straightforward enough to be read as tutorials yet detailed and organized enough to be used as a reference. The fourth section contains detailed walkthroughs of a wide variety of sample projects, while the Appendices highlight the differences between Kylix and other common programming environments.

vfind is a project from Section 4. Two versions are included, here. Both illustrate threading techniques in GUI apps, as well as the use of the popen() system call to let Kylix apps capture a command's output ala the shell (and Perl's) use of ``. vfind2 further illustrates the use of the POSIX regex fns to both simplify .ini file parsing and avoid calling grep via system().

Both versions are commented, but the book covers the techniques used in much greater detail.

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