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ID: 15543, Convert Hex to Ascii

by Sammy Hale Email: Anonymous

This code will help you to unpack hex code and convert it to ascii
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For C++Builder, Version 1.0  to 5.0 1399 downloads
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Size: 323 bytes
Updated on Sun, 28 Jan 2001 15:05:13 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 28 Jan 2001 15:01:17 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1FB5399FDD67C660E383DF72A94E2E9B62A22446
MD5 Hash: A5143B50B339149DD2341E0EC30B8E74

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The following code will convert Hex to ASCII:

unpack(char *str, int len)
int x;
int y = 0;
int t;
unsigned char tmp[200];

memcpy(tmp, str, len);
t = 0;
y = 0;
for (x=0; x t = ((unsigned char)tmp[x] & 0xf0);
t = t >> 4;
t = t & 0x0f;
sprintf([y++], "%X", t);
t = ((unsigned char)tmp[x] & 0x0f);
sprintf([y++], "%X", t);
str[y] = 0;//this is the ascii conversion
return(t);// this is the hex to decimal conversion

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