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ID: 15446, HTML Cross-reference Wizard 1.1.2 for JB4

by Valentino Kyriakides Email: Anonymous

NOTE: this is the first .

This Wizard offers the ability to parse Java project source files and to generate a sort of HTML crossreference documentation out of these, which can be viewed with an webbrowser. The look & feel of this wizard is similar to the Javadoc Wizard (JDW), but by the moment it doesn't offer so much powerfull options than the JDW. - However, I hope, that it will reach some day the state of the JDW.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 4.0 1397 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 520,115 bytes
Updated on Sun, 07 Jan 2001 10:59:08 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:16:31 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3FA739D46AD8DDEE6DA9D9D4C45D3C3A5FF7B57B
MD5 Hash: 52C6CAFB9BB72DF0913AABD364EAD78E

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HTML Cross-reference Wizard v.1.1.2 readme.txt - 07/01/2001
(Build for JBuilder 4 with jdk 1.3 under Windows NT4/SP5)


The use of this software is governed by the terms in the file License.html,
which is included in this distribution. You must read this and agree to these
terms before using or distributing this software.


HTML Cross-reference Wizard is an OpenTool that enables the parsing of Java
source files and the generation of HTML Cross-reference files directly from
inside of the JBuilder IDE. The generated HTML files can be viewed with
an external WebBrowser, like InternetExplorer or Netscape!


This software is (c) 2000-2001 by Valentino Kyriakides. All rights reserved.
This software is provided "as is" with no warranty of any kind.
I take no responsibility for any damages that may result from using it.
So it's usage is on your own risk.


The software is packed inside a file.
The following files should be inside the archive:
- (htmlcrwizard.jar) a JAR file with compiled classes
- (jhtmlcrw_hlp.jar) a JAR file for the wizards online help
- (License.html) a HTML file with license notes
- (Readme.html) a HTML readme file, please read this too
- (readme.txt) this readme text file


Unpack the archive and put the following files into the
indicated places:

- the JAR file (htmlcrwizard.jar) into the \lib\ext directory
- the JAR file (jhtmlcrw_hlp.jar) into the \doc directory

Restart JBuilder. There should be a new item under the "Wizards" menu named
"HTML Cross-reference...". You should now be able to use this HTML Cross-reference
Wizard menu entry.


The format of the "htmlcr.proptable" has changed in this Version 1.1.2
of the Wizard and is not compatible with the one of older versions.
So you have to remove old "htmlcr.proptable" files from your projects
if you have previously used older <1.1.2 versions of this Wizard.
Please extract and read the online help's "Troubleshooting" and
"Tips and Tricks" sections, which contain more specific help for
this issue!


To uninstall the HTML Cross-reference Wizard just delete the two JAR files
from the directories under your JBuilder installation directory. Then restart


Usage of this "HTML Cross-reference Wizard" should be straight forward for
those who know the Javadoc Wizard. See the HTML Cross-reference Wizard
online help for explanations.


The HTML Cross-reference Wizard documentation is available from the wizard page by
pressing the Help button. To read the documentation without running JBuilder,
you may extract the documentation from the file jhtmlcrw_hlp.jar, which is
included in this distribution.

If you choose to extract the documentation (this is not necessary), you will
probably want to create a separate directory for these files. Assuming that
you have the distribution files unpacked into the current directory, you could
use the following commands:

mkdir docs
cd docs
jar xf jhtmlcrw_hlp.jar

When you have done this, open the file htmlcrwizard.html using a web browser.


- The Wizard's option settings are now saved in the project file and in a
custom "htmlcr.proptable" table properties file. So the Wizard can reuse
previously set options for a JBuilder project.
- Important Note: the format of the "htmlcr.proptable" has changed in this
Version 1.1.2 of the Wizard and is not compatible with the one of older
versions. So you have to remove old "htmlcr.proptable" files from your
projects if you have previously used older <1.1.2 versions of this Wizard.
- The Cascading Style-Sheets (CSS) format settings have been slightly reworked.
Now font-style can also be setup on the Wizards second page options table.
- There is now a second Wizard page available, which allows the customization
of settings like font-family, font-size, font-style, font-weight and color
customization for the HTML Cascading Style-Sheets (CSS) file generation.
The Wizard generates now also portable #RRGGBB color entries for WebBrowser.
- The Wizard uses now the default operating system specific path seperator for
directory options.
- The Wizard uses now slightly differrent overview and style file names
(all prefixed with a cr like crstyles.css), so that it can generate HTML
output also to the default Javadoc output directory without overwriting
Javadoc generated HTML files.
- The exclusive toggle behavior of the option checkboxes has been fixed.
- This version fixes some of the messageview area output redraw problems.
- During the Wizard's processing there will be now a "Please be patient the
processing takes some time..." message shown in the Wizard's message view,
which should signal it's activity. However, the process dialog panel has
been removed, since it didn't redraw correctly even as a SwingWorker thread,
due to the heavy thread processing of the Wizard in the JBuilder IDE.
- The Wizard preselects your default source- and doc paths from the JBuilder
IDE's project preferences if they have been setup in a project.
- The generated Java HTML file references should be best previewed with an
external WebBrowser.
- The online help has been much reworked and also includes now a description
of the distribution's "Java2Html" command line cross-ref tool.


If you have any questions or you encounter problems using this
software, contact me in the "opentools" newsgroup!

For more information, see none

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