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ID: 15341, Analog Clock (and some nifty Win32 API tricks)

by Rune Moberg Email: Anonymous

Sample analog clock component demonstrating various Win32 API techniques (system menu, round windows+).
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For Delphi, Version 4.0  to 5.0 1067 downloads
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Size: 5,191 bytes
Updated on Sat, 04 Nov 2000 09:42:02 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 04 Nov 2000 07:39:17 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 8BFCD74416CC8E13015946608AE0246A5106BD6E
MD5 Hash: 2783EE605196A423D315868C938CF3DB

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This is one of the very first components I wrote. Judging from the filedates, it seems I completed it not long before Delphi 2 was released, so it still contained some Delphi 1.0 remnants. E.g. it used WinProcs and WinTypes. I've glanced through it and trimmed down various uses clauses and so on to make it slightly more appealing, but left it mostly as is (except I set the form's DoubleBuffered property to True).

Anyway, this component and the accompanying demo form demonstrates:
- how to add menu items to the System menu
* AppendMenu
* GetSystemMenu
* CheckMenuItem
- how to let the user move a window by clicking outside the title bar (very nice when you have no title bar)
- how to make your forms/windows look more interesting by giving them a non-rectangular shape
* CreateRectRgnIndirect
* CreateEllipticRgnIndirect
* CombineRgn
* SetWindowRgn

Not too shabby for some 4 year old code. (be gentle on me -- I didn't know any better at the time! ;-) )

Oh, you have to install the AClock.pas component in order to open the form successfully (should compile nonetheless though).

When running the demo, double click on the form to make it round.

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