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ID: 15050, How do I get a listing of files in a directory?

by William Walter Email:

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In my application I need to present to the operator a list
of all the programs in a folder. I am currently doin it with the following code.

system("dir \\folder > temp")

I then open the 'temp' file created and can get the file names. Using the dos in Windows95, I can get just an 8 character name. Then if I try to use it on Windows NT I find it does not work because of the difference in the NT DOS system.

I can not find a way to do this so my code will be transportable.

If you can give me some help, it would be appreciated.
I am using Borland c++ v3.0. I recently downloaded the v5.5 and purchased Builder 5.0 standard, but I have not learned how to use the Builder as yet.

My Email address is

Thank You,

Bill Walter

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