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ID: 14537, Function Commentator

by Rune Moberg Email: Anonymous

Will comment the currently hilighted function at the press of a button. It parses the function header to add more meat to the comment.
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For Delphi, Version 4.0  to 5.0 1480 downloads
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Size: 7,043 bytes
Updated on Sat, 04 Nov 2000 07:52:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 12 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B52FAF935A1AAB3C5909E8E3022E9917966B7BAD
MD5 Hash: 3D99315D851DD92C7E0739150EF081B3

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The Commentator is a small Delphi expert that will add a comment to the function at the current cursor position:

Name : TCommentExpert.CommentCurrentStatement
Description :
Input : Context: IOTAKeyContext
KeyCode: TShortCut
In-/Output : BindingResult: TKeyBindingResult
Author : RM
Date : 08.03.2000
Revision history:
! Date ! Sign ! Description !
! 08.03.2000 ! RM ! First implementation

It'll try to parse as much information as possible from the function header and hopefully this will encourage a more detailed function description while coding. If you look at the source for CommentCurrentStatement you'll find that it uses a simple parser which returns all the pertinent information which is summarized in the comment. I.e. you can of course modify the comment to suite your needs.

Commentator is actually something I dabbled with more than 3 years ago. I was using this as
a test project to put my newly found OpenTools API skills (thanks to Ray's excellent "Secrets of Delphi 2" book) to some use.

A year later ('98) I altered it again in order to make it fit with Delphi 3.0. I don't recall the changes though, but they weren't significant.

It's now two years later (March '00) and I've altered it again, in order to hopefully make it fit better with Delphi 4/5 and its new keybinding API.

FWIW: It's small, it's (IMHO) cute, and hopefully it'll be of use to someone.

Take care!

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