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ID: 18132, QualityCentral Client for JBuilder

by Ludovic HOCHET Email: Anonymous

JBuilder client for QualityCentral (Borland's bug reporting system)
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 8.0 235 downloads
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Size: 210,391 bytes
Updated on Fri, 18 Apr 2003 09:28:11 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 15 Jun 2002 12:26:37 GMT
SHA1 Hash: F29CC142158E2B851357A937AF1704B0622AF250
MD5 Hash: 34E5FFA6E7A3322517934CE0D87573BD

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QualityCentral Opentool

Author: Ludovic HOCHET
Version:, 17/12/02

* Description
This opentool allows to interact with the Borland QualityCentral web service from within JBuilder.

Please note that you still need to get the windows client in order to activate your account, but after that I would expect that you could use it on other platforms (haven't tried though)

Also note that when working offline you can get the last results for each query.

* Features
_ Add/Edit/Rate/Vote/Comment/Track a report
_ Edit/Delete a comment
_ Add/Replace/Delete attachements zip
_ Save an attachement
_ Delete/Withdraw a report that you have submitted
_ Save login name/password (the password is sort of encrypted, but the encryption is far from hackproof)
_ Submit/Delete additional workaround for reports
_ Modify a user info
_ Search for
. the reports that you have submitted
. the reports that you are tracking
. the reports for which you have voted for
. the reports that you have rated
. the reports that you have not rated
. the reports that you have commented
. a report knowing its id
. the top rated reports
. the top voted reports
. the newest reports
. the recently modified reports
. the recently closed reports
. the reports that you have commented and for which your comments have been replied to
. duplicates of a report
_ 'Free' search on reports in the database
_ Experimental printing of a report

* Dependencies
_ This opentool is quite dependent on Borland QualityCentral... ;)
(you also need a Borland QualityCentral account)
_ It is also dependent on LH Community OpenTool (community.jar) being installed
_ Apache Axis 1.0 being in JBuilder's path

* Compatibility
_ JBuilder 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 (Tried on WinNT UK, WinXP UK, for JBuilder 4 and 5 see jbuilder4-5.html)
_ LH Community 0.1.4
_ Apache Axis 1.0
_ The version of QualityCentral running at the time of the upload of this OpenTool

* Incompatibility
This version is not compatible with JBuilder 7.0 with Web Services Kit for Java Preview Release 3, for a version that is compatible with it see

* Install
(If using JBuilder 4.0 or 5.0, see instruction in jbuilder4-5.html)
_ Install Axis if you don't have the Web Service Kit installed
_ Install Axis if you don't have JBuilder 8
_ Copy qualitycentral.jar, community.jar and xmlwriter.jar to /lib/ext/ where is the directory where JBuilder is installed. (Restart JBuilder, if it is already running)

* UnInstall
_ Delete qualitycentral.jar, community.jar and xmlwriter.jar (both if no longer needed) in /lib/ext/ where is the directory where JBuilder is installed.
_ Remove /.jbuilderX/community/qc where is your home directory (typically C:\windows on Win98, C:\Document and Setting\yourusername on Win2k/XP, /home/yourusername on linux) and .jbuilderX is something like .jbuilder8
_Remove Axis if no longer needed (and not using JBuilder 8)

* Configuration
_ Go to Tools|Community Options then
_ Click on the "QC Projects" tab, then select the projects you want to see
_ Click on the "QC Options" tab, then adjust the default options if needed

* How to use
_ Right click on a report in the what's new tab of the message view
. Properties: show the full properties (author, project, description, comments, workaround, attachements, resolution) for the selected report (see the dialog help page for more)
. Edit: allows to edit a report (only shown if you are the author of the report)
. Get Duplicates: query for the duplicates of the report (if any)
. Tracking: allow to change the tracking state for the selected report
. Withdraw: mark the report as being withdrawn (only shown if you are the author of the report)
. Delete: remove the report from the database (only shown if you are the author of the report)
. Print: to print the report

or go to Tools|Community...

* Known problems
_ Tools menu does not display in the proper location when 'opened' for the second time
_ ComboBoxes in the report property dialog are not sensitive to Look and Feel changes
_ Adding/replacing an attachement does not work, the web service return "error" (not quite sure my format for the attachement is right)

* Changes since vrs
_ Now supporting Axis 1.0
_ Moved xml writer dependency to a common (to my OpenTools) jar

* Changes since vrs 0.3.2
_ Fixed version showing in report property dialog
_ Fixed incorrect date display bug
_ Added experimental report printing
_ Added reports icons
_ Added support for Axis Beta 3
_ Added support for JB4 and 5

* Changes since vrs 0.3.1
_ Added dynamic handling of the maximum number of votes
_ Fixed bug where the properties did not show the version of project the report was against
_ Expanded "What's new" feature to include, depending on QC Options, modified and/or closed reports

* Changes since vrs 0.3
_ Improved incorrect password handling
_ Added handling of session time out

* Changes since vrs 0.2.3
_ Completed addition of Layout Managers
_ Changed rating text and drop down to indicate a bit better that it is about the quality of the report, and not of the importance of the bug...
_ Changed maximum votes to 5
_ Added support for searching for duplicates of a report
_ Added Add/Replace/Delete attachements zip
_ Added Edit/Delete a comment
_ Added Submit/Delete additional workaround for reports
_ Added Modify a report
_ Added Modify a user info
_ Added 'Free' search on reports in the database
_ Added UI option to disable the auto check of new reports at starts up

* Changes since vrs 0.2.2
_ Fixed a problem with the password sent to the webservice (was sending the encrypted one)

* Changes since vrs 0.2.1
_ Fixed clean start up bugs (and dependency list)...
_ Started to add some handling for exceptions
_ Fixed bug that didn't show the e-mail address in the login dialog if it had been previously entered

* Changes since vrs 0.2
_ Added some layout managers
_ Fixed My Votes bug
_ Fixed clean start up bugs... should work a bit better

* Disclaimer
As usual use this tool at your own risks. I take no responsibility for any damages that may result from using it.

Also the password encryption is not hackproof.

* Contacts
Ludovic HOCHET or Borland Newsgroup : borland.public.jbuilder.opentools
The newsgroup seems more adequate to me though, as the people there are more experienced than myself.

For QualityCentral questions, please use the borland.public.bdn.qualitycentral newsgroup.

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