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Submissions by Hugo Novaes


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23935 Delphi Binaries FreeSudoku by HSN
FreeSudoku is a freeware game of sudoku. Current version is 1.1, available in English and Portuguese(BRA) at the address
3/31/2006 5:06:53 AM 253 2.9MB
15808 Delphi APIs Copy the text from the IExplorer Address Bar
Copy the content of the Internet Explorer address Bar (the URL)
4/18/2001 5:07:57 AM 1226 2.3K
15809 Delphi APIs Get Windows Calculator's Value
How to get the value entered in the Windows Calculator
4/18/2001 5:02:48 AM 1367 2.6K
15810 Delphi Database Generate SQL Insertion Script to Import Tables
Generate SQL Insertion Script to Import Tables
4/17/2001 3:25:42 PM 1465 4.3K
15812 Delphi Source Code Run procedures in background
Run procedures in background using thread.
4/17/2001 3:21:50 PM 1955 1.5K
15838 Delphi Source Code Exploring Drive C: Via Main Menu
Explore drive C: using the main menu and submenus dynamically.
4/12/2001 7:12:35 AM 442 7.4K

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